Which futuristic Jetsons technology do you wish you had?

These gadgets do everything from washing the dog to walking on the ceiling!

Each episode of The Jetsons is packed with jokes about the future – some of which ring true today! We have video calls, robot vacuums and even “pay TV.”

But there are still plenty of gadgets the Jetson family uses that we can only dream of. Here is some Orbit City technology that is still out of reach. Pick which ones you would want to have the most and see how your answers align with everyone else’s!

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  1. Which machine would you want to help with chores?
  2. Which futuristic food would you try first?
  3. How would you most want to get in and out of your future house?
  4. Which futuristic toy would you most want as a kid?
  5. If you had to choose, which way would you want to get woken up?
  6. Which one do you wish you had while getting ready in the morning?
  7. What would be nice to have in the house?
  8. What recreational or relaxing thing would you want installed where you live?
  9. What technologically advanced experience would you want to have first?
  10. Which futuristic pet product would you want?

Which futuristic Jetsons technology do you wish you had?

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Fred_Clampett 7 days ago
I got 86%. As for number 5, some machine blows a horn in my ear while I'm sleeping! We'd have a busted up horn blowing machine.
JERRY6 10 days ago
76 percent similar , would be happy with most any of the choices
Lillyrose 11 days ago
36% similar. I think they left out one. Wasn't there a hair dryer that changed a lady's hairdo when she put it on?
rockinsuzy 13 days ago
I like quizzes like this. Got 73%.
Hollie 14 days ago
i Didnt agree with 2 questions that others did ..i chose the breakfast pill , and beauty mask that mask would come in handy sometimes
Runeshaper 14 days ago
86% Can’t wait for some of these!!!
LittleMissNoName 16 days ago
Today's episode, "Millionaire Astro" was really funny and even predicted a accurately predicted "smart" cars. "Tralfaz...Yuck (Ralfaz....Ruck)!"
jimmyvici 16 days ago
51% similar. Kinda lame quiz. Never watched this cartoon anyway. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Give it a chance sometime.
UTZAAKE 17 days ago
48% similar.
8. "A TV that takes up an entire wall."
Snickers 17 days ago
63% similar Would love a robot dog, don't have to scoop poop.
AllisonWunderland 17 days ago
83% so far...and I sure wouldn't mind having one of those fly suits 😂
SashaPayneDiaz 17 days ago
90% I'd rather a robot dog.....no need to either walk OR bathe.
Spiro 17 days ago
People chose the Wall sized tv over an anti-gravity floor?

I'd like to have the automatic foot from mouth remover.

Or the anti-gravity fart surpressor.
AllisonWunderland Spiro 17 days ago
I chose the anti-gravity floor too! That would be so much fun 🤗
I too chose the floor. Fun thinking about this show and the "futurist things".
idkwut2use 18 days ago
55% similar. I desperately want most of my picks all the time and should have them by now, honestly what GIVES??
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