Which of these shows do you consider ''classic'' television?

What makes a series a classic?


Here at MeTV, we like to throw the word "classic" around to describe television, music, and movies. But what does that word even mean? According to Merriam-Webster, " classic " means "serving as a standard of excellence: of recognized value." Also included in the definition is "historically memorable." However, language is obviously open to interpretation, and we each might have our own slightly different meanings of what we find to be "classic." So here's a chance to put that to the test and see how your own opinions of classic television measure up to other viewers! I'll give you a television show, and you tell me if you consider it to be "classic television."

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  1. All In The Family (1971-1979)
  2. I Love Lucy (1951-1957)
  3. Full House (1987-1995)
  4. Cheers (1982-1993)
  5. The Beverly Hillbillies (1962-1971)
  6. The Brady Bunch (1969-1974)
  7. The Brady Wives (1981)
  8. The Carrol Burnett Show (1967-1978)
  9. Dallas (1978-1991)
  10. The Golden Girls (1985-1992)
  11. M*A*S*H (1972-1983)
  12. Star Trek: TOS (1966-1969)
  13. Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994)
  14. Family Ties (1982-1989)
  15. Gilligan's Island (1963-1967)
  16. The Muppet Show (1976-1981)
  17. Happy Days (1974-1984)
  18. Laverne and Shirley (1976-1983)
  19. The Lucy Show (1962-1968)
  20. Seinfeld (1989-1998)

Which of these shows do you consider ''classic'' television?

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Karellen 9 months ago
Hope this means The Muppet Show will be coming soon to METV
AnnieM Karellen 9 months ago
I second that emotion.
But sadly, I think they are chained to Disney+, since Disney owns the Muppets now.
Dexzac 9 months ago
90% Messed up on Laverne&Shirley and Family Ties I said not classic.
Dysall Dexzac 9 months ago
I don't think that Family Ties is a classic either.
Lillyrose 10 months ago
50% similar. I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show are definitely classic.
FloridaTopCat 10 months ago
Oh, and when they did the original "Dick Van Dyke Show", the decision was made to keep ALL politics out of it. Made a show that can still be watched today - unlike, say, Murphy Brown, where they were still making Nixon jokes 15, 20 years after his resignation in 1974.
FloridaTopCat 10 months ago
Nothing from Leftist Norman Lear (All in the Family, etc) is classic! They were all opportunities for fellow leftists like Rob Reiner to be the good guys, and Archie to be the evil one. In reality, the truth is much, much, closer to the middle!
GEMof72 FloridaTopCat 6 months ago
Archie wasn’t the evil one. He was ignorant but he learned grace.
nerakr 10 months ago
65% similar. If it's older than I am or almost as old, it's classic.
GioLovesMash 10 months ago
75% similar why full house is there fh is coming back in 2024?
bmoore4026 10 months ago
To those of you who don't think Star Trek: The Next Generation is a classic show, let me say that show has held up better than some of the sitcoms on MeTV, especially Hogan's Heroes.
FestusFan2312 bmoore4026 10 months ago
Hogan’s Heroes holds up very well especially considering why many of the actors played the parts. it was also one of the first shows, before Star Trek, that gave a major role to a black actor. Ivan Dixon does not get the credit he deserves.
Bapa1 FestusFan2312 10 months ago
I read that in the first year of HH, some stations in the south refused to air it because of Ivan Dixon. But they eventually relented. Dixon became a respected director.
Coldnorth Bapa1 10 months ago
I never knew why Ivan Dixon left Hogan
bmoore4026 FestusFan2312 10 months ago
I'll tell you why Ivan Dixon isn't remembered for his contributions. Because Hogan's Heroes is a terrible show with an offensive premise. A comedy set in prisoner of war camp during World War 2!? That's an insult to the men who suffered in those places! It's disgusting! It is because of the Godawful show Ivan Dixon's accomplishments are ignored Nichelle Nichols' are lauded.
AnnieM bmoore4026 9 months ago
I believe Ivan Dixon moved on to focus on being a director.
GEMof72 bmoore4026 6 months ago
People have a right to their opinion. It’s not a classic to me because it’s not old enough. HH rocked by the way.
Zip 10 months ago
70 % similar.

The shows I like are classic, and the shows I don't like are not classic.
Karellen Zip 9 months ago
Same here
Pacificsun 10 months ago
I understand the point of the quiz us to compare opinions, and that makes it fun!

However, being that this is the website of "Classic TV" what you're watching here, folks. IS Classic TV. Why? Because the time period is the definition as in the "Golden Age" of television. A common term used to differentiate original Series (or concepts) or those from Radio. They were also infused with classic dramatic principles (like you'll see in Alfred Hitchcock stories taken from Short Stories).
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