Which sister did it: a Brady or a Walton?

Who took care of a sick raccoon or worked at an ice cream shop?

When it comes to big, Seventies TV families, The Brady Bunch and The Waltons each became iconic in their own way. Though there was plenty to love about the adults on both shows, the kids were the real stars.

Both families had three daughters whose distinct personalities caused more than a few conflicts. How well do you know the sisters Brady and Walton? Try to guess which trio these questions apply to!

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  1. Who got hit in the nose with a football right before a big date?
  2. Who took care of a sick raccoon?
  3. Who liked playing baseball?
  4. Who invented an imaginary boyfriend named George Glass?
  5. Who had a dog named Reckless?
  6. Who got in trouble for reading her older sister's diary?
  7. Who joined the Frontier Scouts?
  8. Who had nightmares about riding a Ferris wheel?
  9. Which sisters worked at an ice cream shop?
  10. Who wrote her own play about Joan of Arc?
  11. Who received a locket in the mail from a secret admirer?
  12. Who got locked in an old trunk in the first episode?

Which sister did it: a Brady or a Walton?

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Peter_Falk_Fan 5 days ago
12/12 just from knowing The Brady Bunch
Robert 8 days ago
I Do Remember The Waltons, & I Also Remember The Show The Brady Bunch. I Got 7 Right &
5 Wrong.
zman47240 8 days ago
10 out of 12, did ok I guess. I had a huge crush on Maureen McCormick though.
SteveCarras zman47240 8 days ago
I got all of them right. I had the biggest crush on Maureen. Also liked the Walton sisters..
zman47240 SteveCarras 8 days ago
I believe one of the Walton sisters posed for Playboy.
I think Alice from the Brady Bunch did too.
robyni23 8 days ago
You got 11 out of 12
Who wouldn't be happy with that score? Great job!
snifferdog 9 days ago
12 out of 12 and don’t think I ever watched the Waltons .
Vee 9 days ago
12/12 because I LOVE The Waltons!!!!!!
Jeffrey 9 days ago
''You got 10 out of 12'' -----------------------Who wouldn't be happy with score? Great job! I got #s 7 and 8 wrong.
TaraLyn 9 days ago
I never watched the waltons but I have IMDb TV and philo tv and I have been taping them. Maybe one day I will watch them.
I have seen every Brady Bunch episode there is though. I got 11 of 12
DerekHarris 9 days ago
12/12. That wasn’t even a challenge....
Dadof2 9 days ago
You got 12 out of 12. Who wouldn't be happy with that score? Great job! I hardly ever watched The Waltons but I know The Brady Bunch backwards and forwards.
moax429 Dadof2 9 days ago
Same here, 12/12. Watched mostly the Bradys (I have all five seasons on DVD). I wasn't into "The Waltons" all that much except for "The Homecoming."
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