Which TV character wore this Halloween costume?

Can you spot these actors in disguise?

We have a treat for you: a holiday quiz! Careful, it's tricky. 

From sitcoms to cop shows, the special Halloween episode is a standard in television. See if you remember these awesome outfits.
  1. Let's start with a classic…
  2. Who wore these bones?
  3. A wrong answer might earn you an 'F' grade.
  4. Speaking of capes…
  5. Okay, how about this one?
  6. Puns are always funny, right?
    Image: Warner Bros. Television
  7. Timely, then and now.
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  8. Trick or treat?
    Image: Warner Bros. Television
  9. You lookin' at him? Which A-list actor dressed up as 'Taxi Driver'?
  10. Howdy, pardner.
  11. Getting obscure… and harder.
  12. 'Cheers' sure loved Halloween.
  13. Finally, who was that masked man?
Which TV character wore this Halloween costume?

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