Who said it: Mr. Drucker or Mr. Haney?

Both had businesses in Hooterville, though one business was much more legitimate than many of the others (We're looking at you Mr. Haney!)

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If Mr. and Mrs. Douglas needed something in the small farm town of Hooterville, there were a couple of options. Of course, Oliver Wendell Douglas could grow whatever crop he needed himself, but he did frequent Mr. Sam Drucker's store often. 

The last option, or an option that Oliver didn't want to begin with, was Mr. Haney, a business man in his own right. He's known for his "nomunal" prices and his, well, sneaky business tactics. 

No matter how much Mr. Douglas didn't want to deal with Haney, sometimes he had to do business with him. 

Drucker's store was certianly the better option, but he was known for selling some odd things as well. 

Take a look at the lines below and try to correctly guess if Mr. Drucker or Mr. Haney said them. 

Good luck!

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  1. Who said it: "I am when I can find my seal... Kids keep borrowing it to crack walnuts."
  2. Who said it: "Your husband was cold sober when he bought this place!"
  3. Who said it: "Oh sure, I'm a representative for the county power and light company."
  4. Who said it: "I have a serious suggestion! It'll cost you $35."
  5. Who said it: "Now you take them cans of lobster tongues."
  6. Who said it: "First each student receives this genuine Bob Cratchit accountant desk."
  7. Who said it: "I'll stamp the application rush and you ought to have it in eight months."
  8. Who said it: "Shall I put you down for the $38 bundle, which I like to refer to as my movie star assortment?"
  9. Who said it: "Now I can understand why you're so testy. You have got charity in your heart, but nothing in your closet."
  10. Who said it: "You know he was a better actor than he is a governor."

Who said it: Mr. Drucker or Mr. Haney?

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