How well do you know chef Lisa Douglas?

See if you can tell what Lisa is cooking, and what all these head-scratching techniques are!

Lisa Douglas had to sacrifice a lot when she gave up the city life for one on a farm. She traded the stores for chores on Green Acres and had to adjust quickly. 

Just because she wasn't used to the farm life, doesn't mean she didn't do her best adjusting to it. Despite being on a farm, Lisa still wore her best dresses and did what she could to spruce up the farmhouse. 

She attempted cooking, and gladly did it for her husband.

How well does she cook? Well, that might be a question only Oliver Wendell Douglas can answer. From what she makes to how she prepares various forms of food and drinks in the kitchen, can you answer these cooking questions surrounding Lisa Douglas?

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  1. What is Lisa serving to Oliver and Hank in this image?
  2. When the lid to this kettle begins to pop off, what does she do to make it stop all together?
  3. After the kettle lid pops off for good, what does Lisa do with it?
  4. When Lisa and Oliver go to a restaurant, Lisa takes over cooking duties from the cook! What does she make?
  5. What is Lisa making Oliver in this image, which takes him by surprise on account of the way its being cooked?
  6. What is Lisa serving Oliver in this image?
  7. Instead of pouring coffee to go with it, what does Lisa pour into Oliver's cup?
  8. What is Lisa attempting to make in this image?
  9. According to Lisa, what is this?
  10. Here, we have...
  11. When the toaster won't work, how does Lisa make toast?
  12. This is supposed to be a...

How well do you know chef Lisa Douglas?

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MrChrisM 21 days ago
I actually once knew someone who cooked like her.
MrsPhilHarris 21 days ago
7/12 I thoughtI would have done better. 🤨
Coldnorth MrsPhilHarris 21 days ago
Same score as you. I only remember her making hotscakes. One time Oliver used them for a head gasket for his tractor or something like that. The best part of the show were the credits
MrsPhilHarris Coldnorth 21 days ago
I saw her making bread not long ago. So silly. I liked the intro credits when they could see them and they would comment on them. Like Sam and Fred would stop talking until the credits disappeared.
RobertK 21 days ago
10 of 12. Lisa might have been a marginal cook but she was also helpful with home repairs. Fred Ziffle used her hotscakes to patch and shingle his leaky roof!
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