Whose birthday is it on Full House?

The Tanners had many memorable parties featuring pop singers, Flintstones costumes and Clean-o the clown.


When it came to birthdays, the Tanner family went all out. Everyone dressed up for a modern stone age Flintstones party, Danny and Joey were the clowns for a funny circus celebration and someone got the best gift of all on their birthday – two new cousins!

How well do you remember the birthdays celebrated on Full House? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. Who was woken up with a birthday waffle?
  2. Who had a Flintstones-themed party?
  3. Who played spin the bottle on their birthday?
  4. Steph and DJ served hors d'oeuvres at whose 30th birthday party?
  5. Becky and Jesse's twins were born on whose birthday?
  6. Everyone wore newspaper birthday hats for an impromptu celebration for who?
  7. Danny tried to have a fun but clean circus for whose birthday?
  8. Who received this car for their birthday?
  9. Who got to have Tommy Page perform at her party?
  10. Who invited these too-cool-for-school junior high girls to her birthday party?

Whose birthday is it on Full House?

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Kenner 28 months ago
Geez enough full house already. And who the heck is tommy page?? I’ve heard of Jimmy Page. Bring back Combat! And 12 O’clock High. I’m full up to here with full house. Just don’t care!
JHP 28 months ago
WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!?

I'd rather clean a toilet on a excursion bus:)
emTV279 28 months ago
5/10, all guesses. I never watched the show.
CouchPotato19 28 months ago
Saw maybe two seconds of this show once. 4/10.
lynngdance 28 months ago
3/10 😬. Only seen the 1st season so I’m no expert. On the “Flintstones” question on #2, I instantly clicked Joey, and on the “Spin the Bottle” question on #3, I was like “why is Jesse not a choice?!?!” LOL
jamesp77701 28 months ago
9/10. I missed the Tommy Page one. Oh well.
Moverfan 28 months ago
5 out of 10. Who's Tommy Page?
nd1irish Moverfan 28 months ago
Mr & Mrs Pages’ baby boy.
Jeremy 28 months ago
Mostly guesses but at the end of the day, it didn't matter since I got all ten of them! Wahoo!
Peter_Falk_Fan 28 months ago
6/10 Some lucky guesses since I only knew the last question.
CaptainDunsel 28 months ago
Got Flushed by Full House. ("What the Deuce?!")
Not sure I can Trey harder next time. I'll just have to Pair down my expectations. No possible way I could ever Ace this topic. Deal with it.
I'm going to shuffle off now.
Jeremy CaptainDunsel 28 months ago
Let me guess, to Buffalo?
CaptainDunsel Jeremy 28 months ago
Nope. Just out to the Deck.
Moverfan CaptainDunsel 28 months ago
Maybe I'll join you. Although it's almost 8:30 here in Michigan and it's dark outside...kind of cold, too (42 degrees).
CaptainDunsel Moverfan 28 months ago
Back in Wintah Hahbah, that was swimmin weathah. Put ye' trunks on and guh down ta' the pond fuh a dip!
Maverick66 28 months ago
6/10. All guesses. Not sure why I bothered with this quiz - it annoys me just to look at the pictures from the show (saccharine tripe that it is).
Big3Fan 28 months ago
No piece of cake. 5️⃣ I shouldn't have been a party to this quiz.
jtrain 28 months ago
4/10, don't watch the show, guessed on all of them!
teire 28 months ago
7/10. They were party people.
Runeshaper 28 months ago
4/10 Ouch! The dog was super cute.
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