You had to live through the 1970s to remember all these ad slogans

"You deserve a break today." So take this quiz.

Jingles stick in your heads for decades. Which is helpful in this quiz.

We've gathered some memorable commercial slogans that aired during the 1970s. Some of them stuck around for years. Others are relics of the decade.

See if you can match these ad taglines to the correct brand. Good luck!

  1. "I am stuck on _______, because ________ is stuck on me!"
  2. "_______ is the place with the helpful hardware man."
  3. "You deserve a break today."
  4. "Nobody doesn't like ________."
  5. Karl Malden said, "Don't leave home without it."
  6. "_______, take me away!"
  7. "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"
  8. "Reach out and touch someone."
  9. It was "Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman."
  10. "Please don't squeeze the _______."
  11. This fast food chain made an early commercial in 1977 that said, "When you're hungry, make tracks for ________."
  12. This fast food chain claimed, "We're the fresh food place."
  13. This brand promised that it "Helps keep you face to face."
  14. This company had people singing, "We wear short shorts."
  15. "Sometimes you feel like a nut…"
  16. This commercial had Broderick Crawford of Highway Patrol declaring, "It's not too sweet."

You had to live through the 1970s to remember all these ad slogans

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Rrene03 12 days ago
12 out of 16 .. didn't have Taco Bell or Subway in my area back then..
BrianMoore 12 days ago
12 out of 16. Some of these lasted into the 80s and 90s.
Carolynfmr 20 days ago
15/16 I missed #16 Tab. You like it! You really like it! You are winning at life.
E1961 25 days ago
15/16 Missed the Taco Bell. They weren't around us.
JC 1 month ago
You got 15 out of 16
You like it! You really like it! You are winning at life.
SheriHeffner 1 month ago
15 out of 16, I got number 12 wrong because we had no Taco Bells in the time that commercial came out. We got them when " Want something tasty and delicious Taco Bell Taco Bell." was the ad on television.
bnichols23 1 month ago
Eh, 15. Too much media, I spose.
LibbyBelle 1 month ago
Not sure they scored me quite right. Says I got 15/16
I answered Suave for the answer that was to be Secret, but they gave me the point?!?
Then I totally missed the Subway one as I do not remember there ever being one in my area. I was 9-18 in the 70s - never had a taco until I was 17, but we had moved by then and it was not at a Taco Bell. We ate at home for most of my life.
BrentwoodJon 1 month ago
11 out of 16?
Broderick Crawford of Highway Patrol in 1970=I don't think so.
"Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman." isn't that Irish Spring ?
No, Secret deodorant.
Crawford was acting through 1982.
common BrentwoodJon 1 month ago
Irish Spring was the one that said "manly yes, but I like it too."
Muleskinner 1 month ago
16/16. And I slept though most of the 70s!
Robert 1 month ago
Nailed it! 16/16. I was a teen in the 70's. The only one I guessed on was #11, Subway. We didn't have Subway yet in our area back then, it was a sub chain called Suburpia. The subs came in a plastic bag, soaked in oil! I guessed the answer by the word "tracks" in the question...
LibbyBelle Robert 1 month ago
Once again I agree with you. I do not remember a Subway back in the 70s nor do I remember Taco Bell back then either, but then I didn't have my first taco until I was 17, much to my kids surprise! We did not eat out much when growing up. I still don't enjoy it that much, prefer home cooking!
Exaiver 1 month ago
It was always no one does it like Sara Lee! putting the word doesn't is not grammatically correct I will even find residual evidence to prove this.
Greg Exaiver 1 month ago
Here's the proof it was nobody doesn't like Sara Lee one of the original ads on you tube
JKMallaber Exaiver 1 month ago
When I was a kid, it was "nobody doesn't like Sara Lee." I hated that commercial because it didn't make sense. It sounded like everyone hated their products, which I did, actually.
EricSmith Exaiver 1 month ago
I thought the same thing
JustGeri 1 month ago
12/16... not sure whether to be relieved or embarrassed I didn’t know all.
RobCertSDSCascap 1 month ago
#14- Followed by "Who's got baby oil?"
Goodgirl5050 1 month ago
The Big Mac & Oscar Meyer Weiner jingles were 1st ones I learned. Think my fav commercial was Where's the beef?
My favorite fast food commercial!
Feisty, too! She had a small part in Moving Violations.
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