Before he was on ''Green Acres,'' Eddie Albert wanted to be an opera singer

An attorney who dreamed of becoming a farmer, played by an actor who dreamed of becoming a singer.

When we're children, we all have our heads full of dreams, with one of them being an ideal job. Whether it's an astronaut, a pop star, or something in between (astronaut/pop star, perhaps?) we all get a bit older and sacrifice those dreams for a more stable reality. While some people are able to live their childhood dreams, those lucky lads are few and far between.

As the star of Green Acres, Eddie Albert lived in a profession that was probably the dream of countless children. Nearly everybody wants to be a famous television star. However, it was a career that Albert seemed to stumble into, rather than something he actively chased. In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, Albert explained that his first gig in the entertainment industry was that of a bar singer, an opportunity he thanked his lucky stars for. 

The actor said, "I was happy to get that job. It was during the Depression." After that, Albert said that he began to move rather aimlessly before he found himself in New York. He then decided to pursue stage acting, properly setting him on the path to becoming an actor.

But in an interview with the United Feature Syndicate, Albert confessed that his first love wasn't acting; it was singing. He actually began his journey in New York attempting to become an opera singer, before one of his teachers burst his bubble. Albert recalled that the teacher said to him, "Young man, there are three things an opera singer needs — voice, voice, and voice. And you don't have any one of those." 

It was a hard truth that Albert was forced to accept. He said, "It wasn't a total surprise to me. I had reached that same conclusion myself. It was disappointing for a while, but I turned to acting then, and pretty soon I was excited about that."

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I'm glad that he found his way to Green Acres (-:
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