Did you have a pink kitchen like this perfectly preserved 1950s home?

We love when nobody touches a house for half a century.

Pink, glorious pink! When you tune in to HGTV these days, every house-hunting couple yearns for marble countertops and stainless steel refrigerators. Bah! Where's the fun in that? We long for the days when appliances were avocado and chrome. 

Always on the hunt for a perfect midcentury kitchen, we stumbled upon this home on the internet. A few years back, furniture designer Nathan Chandler purchased a home that had not been touched since 1956, according to Bored Panda. Well, another site, Retro Renovation, claims it dates back to 1962. Either way, it remains in shocking mint condition. There are even vintage boxes of dish soap! Alas, Chandler sold off the kitchen last year, but we can still enjoy it in pictures. 

These photos will take any Boomer back in time. 

Formica was the future.

You don't see three-door horizontal fridges like this anymore.

You can practically smell the meatloaf.

These range controls look like a jukebox.

The detailing is just stunning.

We want to put a little black & white TV right here and watch I Love Lucy all day.

Did you have a kitchen like this? Would you still want one?

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