Eddie Albert said that he was even more fond of Eva Gabor by the time Green Acres ended

The two had a wonderful working and personal relationship.

Let the record show that just because two actors are playing characters that are in love with each other, that doesn't mean that the actors themselves are guaranteed to have warm and fuzzy feelings for one another. In fact, with the long hours and forced proximity of television sets, sometimes actors can wind up worse for wear and detest each other by the time they're done filming. Fractures like these have upended many a series, and sometimes they even affect the quality of the show itself. 

Such was not the case with Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert. Though the two didn't agree on everything, they were able to enjoy a beautiful friendship with each other, one that endured long after Green Acres was off the air. In an interview with The Leader Post, Albert revealed that the two had actually recently had dinner together, and laughed at the memory. He said of the friendship, "Thinking back, I was very lucky to have somebody I could work so closely with for six years and be even more fond of at the end than at the beginning." He continued, "That's not very common in this business."

Still, the love between Gabor and Albert wasn't enough to push Albert toward a potential Green Acres sequel series, though he was aware it had been a rumor long brewing. He said jokingly, "I guess they'd want a sort of Son-of-Green Acres." However, he also explained, "Eva and I have bounced the idea around. But it's like Thomas Wolfe said, 'You can't go home again.'"

He also added, "There's no way today we'd get the quality of those original scripts. And the writers, well, they're dead now. The network people say, 'Oh, we've got plenty of good writers.' I nod and tell them, 'I know, I know — thanks anyway."

Still, even if we'll never get to see Gabor and Albert in a Green Acres sequel series, it's nice to know that we can still rewatch the original series and know that all that love and adoration was genuine.

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Pacificsun 7 months ago
Interesting. There have been quite a few interviews about GA and the actors. It was said, however, along the way they had a 𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒚 close relationship! Yet remained committed to each of their spouses. Sometimes attraction has more to do with how each communicates with the other in terms of validating someone or just being enjoyable together. Eva Gabor was a very intelligent business woman, who seemed interested in being more than only an actress. And Eddie Albert, equally so. It's possible the two had much more in common than what people would guess to be as the most obvious. More power to them for being unconcerned about other peoples' mistaken assumptions.
Chas53 8 months ago
Watching it now and listening to the characters, I appreciate how extremely well the episodes were written.

Also, the ability of the cast to deliver the scripts was incredible. The comedy was rapid and very funny! The chemistry between Albert and Gabor and the interaction with the other characters was priceless.
Runeshaper 8 months ago
It's wonderful that Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor got along so well, and that they kept their friendship alive even after the show ended.
Svengoolie8 8 months ago
The chemistry (both comedic & romantic) between these two was fantastic! I absolutely adored her: lovely, sexy & so smart she pulled off the “dumb act” elegantly
Timjfontenot5 8 months ago
As a kid in the 60’s I loved Green Acres & a slew of other nutty show’s from that period. But today GA’s still resonates with me. It is the only childhood show I can still enjoy. So very surreal. Ava Gabor’s character is both funny & sexy. She’s also cracking plenty of sexual innuendos which I never caught as a kid. So glad I can still see it on 📺.
PS One thing that I totally despise about MeTV is MASH. Two hours of leftist propaganda & the original Woke series
Pacificsun Timjfontenot5 8 months ago
True, needed to go back and read the story to make sure her first name was Eva.
Adamtwelvia Timjfontenot5 7 months ago
I don't think the whole show was leftest propaganda (Potter certainly wasn't) mainly the eps that Alan Alda wrote or directed. I love the show, but as soon as I see his name on the 'Written By' or 'Directed By' credits, I know it's time to change the channel.
Klink 8 months ago
Arnold Ziffel episodes are the best
MrsPhilHarris Klink 8 months ago
I agree. He was the best actor on the show. Love the episode where he got expelled.
Andybandit 8 months ago
That is so cool. They were great people.
FinestKind 8 months ago
"...the two had actually recently had dinner together".....
This article makes it sound like the two are still alive. Albert died in 2005 and Gabor ten years prior. What the heck?
FinestKind 7 months ago
This comment has been removed.
327053 8 months ago
Lucky man, she was gorgeous! ❤️
BlitzMe 8 months ago
Green Acres has been a fond favorite of mine for years. It was in reruns when I was getting my BA at Texas A&M. One of the 3 showings each day, by a local station, was at 2am. When my roommates & I were up studying for midterms and finals, we took a Green Acres break: we opened a few windows, even in December, and sang the Green Acres theme for the neighborhood. Occasionally, we received applause! Fun times, fun times!! Thank you MeTV for keeping Green Acres on for all to appreciate!
evagaborisqueen 8 months ago
Eva and Eddie had a great friendship! It was evident in the show (even though they were acting) and in their personal interviews. The "Return to Green Acres" movie wasn't a huge success, but it was so nice to see almost everyone together again!
cperrynaples 8 months ago
They didn't do another series, but they did a reunion movie!
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