Eva Gabor had over 200 dresses as part of her wardrobe in ''Green Acres''

Eva Gabor and Lisa Douglas shared a pretty amazing sense of fashion.

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Green Acres wouldn't be Green Acres without Eva Gabor, and Eva Gabor wouldn't be herself without an impeccable sense of style, darling. The Gabor sisters are synonymous with, among other things, glitz and glamor, and Eva was no exception.

According to an article with The Morning Call, the costuming department kept over two hundred dresses for Lisa Douglas, Gabor's Green Acres character, to wear. Lisa's lavish outfits always stood out in an episode, especially against the plain and rustic landscape of Hooterville. It's an allure embodied by Gabor herself, who was at home in the glamor of Hollywood.

"I am very glad to live and work in Hollywood," she said. "I do not think I could be as dedicated in New York. There is not much else to do there but work — and even in the third year of the series, every day at the studios is like opening night to me."

Often written off under the assumption that she is vain or vapid, Gabor never lost faith in herself and was confident in her ability to succeed in the entertainment industry.

"I have known always that I would have success — eventually," Gabor said. "But I am surprised the way it came."

Gabor wasn't only focused on making herself look beautiful; she also worked hard to get others to appreciate their beauty by starting her own company selling wigs. She recalled a special moment when she brightened the life of a customer who had previously lost her hair to chemotherapy and purchased one of Gabor's wigs.

"I was lecturing and I saw a beautiful blond girl in the front row, and she was crying," Gabor said. "And I got off the stage and I said, 'I'm so sorry, did I say something to upset you? And she said, No, but I wanted you to know that you saved my life.' I had sent her one of the wigs, and she was reborn."

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