Toon In With Me celebrates you the fans with Fan-Tastic Fridays

Send your art, videos, and comments… then "Toon In" to see your submissions on air!

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Starting September 3, every Friday on Toon In With Me is a celebration of you, our fans. Throughout the Fan-Tastic episode, Bill the Cartoon Curator and Toony the Tuna will present artwork, photos, videos, comments, and questions from you — as well as a selection of classic cartoons, of course. Be sure to catch it all on Fan-Tastic Fridays at 7AM | 6C.

Show us what you got and you can see it on TV! We already have received some incredible pieces of art — drawings, paintings, photographs, and sculptures — as you can see on our Toon In With Me Fan Gallery.

To show our appreciation, we're dedicating every Friday to the "Tooners" — and that includes our Super Tooners!

How can you be a Super Tooner? It's easy! Submit a video telling us what makes you a Super Tooner, what you love about the show, and a question for Bill and Toony.

Submit your art, photos, and videos here.

Stay "Tooned." You could see your work — or even yourself — on Toon In With Me! We'll reach out to you before your submission airs.

Watch Toon In With Me on MeTV!

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smithsjdac 13 days ago
Hey Bill how do u like getting hit with pies?
I know Toony really likes it but do you?
samseal 16 days ago
Hello MeTV! You can save Yourself a lot of money by getting rid of the fish and all of the other so-called human actors! It's the cartoons We want to watch, not them! This is acting at its Worse!
PaulKellogg 16 days ago
Who puppeteers and voices Toony?
MrsPhilHarris 18 days ago
It’s kind of like what Svengoolie and Kerwyn the chicken do on Sven’s show. Actually last week, I caught the end of a Tune In With Me and they showed some cartoons drawn by viewers. Maybe a lot of people started sending them in of their own volition.
stephaniestavr5 18 days ago
This is a rarity: METV highlighting something upcoming on the network, more than two days before it's scheduled airing. I'm wondering if this is an omen of a change. From now on, this is what will be happening. Instead of it being a two day heads up as to who/what to watch out for, it will be more than that.
LoveMETV22 19 days ago
Well that sounds fun for enthusiastic tooner's and the artists that enjoy MeTV. Reminds me of the art contests that supermarkets did or maybe still do.
Moriyah 19 days ago
They should do this with the rest of the shows on here as well! Do you think that should be the case? (Let me know)
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LoveMETV22 Moriyah 18 days ago
That's cool, I think the cartoon promotion they're are doing probably has something to do with the fact that Bill is one of the "live" celebrities on the network. although they probably pre- record him.
Moriyah LoveMETV22 18 days ago
I guess that is a good reason for that. But I'm sure there's a way they could do it with the other shows. Kind of like how they do the MeTV SuperFans thing before they start the commercials sometimes during some shows.
LoveMETV22 Moriyah 18 days ago
I hear what you're saying, but that only requires them to put a pic or a video up with one of the few announcers MeTV uses (I think they have 2 without looking it up) that does a voiceover. It's not as personal as the Friday thing they will be starting this week. I hope you hear back let us know if you hear anything.
Moriyah LoveMETV22 18 days ago
Alright! I will keep my eyes out for a response back from them.
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