Here's why Richard Boone left Hollywood

The lack of productivity and diversity significantly influenced his decision to leave.

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Hollywood is a dream place to live for thousands of aspiring actors who want to be the biggest star the world has ever seen. However, there's a slim chance these talented people will make it there, and those who have couldn't wait to leave.

Richard Boone, the star of the classic Western Have Gun - Will Travel, was one of those Hollywood actors that took his talents elsewhere — Hawaii, to be exact. He left for many reasons, and a major one was the environment and lack of productivity. In an interview with the Associated Press in 1970, journalist Gene Handsaker asked Boone if he had quit Hollywood, and he had a lot to say.

"Yes, I have. I think there are so many places in the world that are more interesting to live... that gives you a chance to work more productively," he said. "I'm tired of working in an environment where people are doing you a favor to come to work. Jobs are locked in by union rules. They're sinecures."

Boone made it clear several times that he wanted to build a movie operation in Hawaii and even convinced some people in the industry to film productions there. He moved his family there as well.

Although many people thought the cancellation of his anthology series The Richard Boone Show made him better about Hollywood, the actor said that was not the case.

"I really didn't want to live in Southern California anymore. The cancellation of the anthology was a bitter disappointment, but it wasn't really what caused me to move. It was simply a case of [not] wanting to do any more [television series]. And in that case, since I'm only five hours away from L.A., why not live in Hawaii," he added.

The actor also stated that the lack of diversity in schools in Hollywood also influenced his decision. He wanted his son to go to school with "every kind of kid that was ever born any place," and in Hawaii, he got that.

No matter how others felt about Boone's decision to leave Hollywood, he was happy about it and believed he made the right decision, and that's all that matters.

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Jimtypes 6 months ago
Have Gun was my Grandad's favorite. I never got it until I grew up and watched it. That a show was a gem.
CaptainDunsel 13 months ago
Why am I suddenly wondering what "Magnum PI" would have been like with Richard Boone?
DeborahRoberts 14 months ago
Good time to make another request for ME-TV to run "Hec Ramsey"?
TonyClifton 14 months ago
"...The Richard Boone Show made him better about Hollywood, the actor said that was not the case."
I think they meant "bitter" not "better." Sigh, does no one proofread anymore?
CaptainDunsel TonyClifton 13 months ago
Spall cheque is batter then prove rodding!
Runeshaper 14 months ago
Boone knowing that he made the right decision is all that really matters + he was doing what he thought for right for his kid.
McGillahooala 14 months ago
Hollywood is a great place for people who want to be seen.
justjeff McGillahooala 14 months ago
"It's better to be obscene and not heard"...
cperrynaples 14 months ago
He didn't totally give up on Hollywood! In the '70's, he came back for Hec Ramsey, who was a cross between Paladin & Quincy!
LoveMETV22 14 months ago
'No matter how others felt about Boone's decision to leave Hollywood, he was happy about it and believed he made the right decision, and that's all that matters."
No truer words than that. Good for Mr. Boone.

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texasluva Pacificsun 13 months ago
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Pacificsun texasluva 13 months ago
Why? That's a cautionary tale unto itself. If over 6 billion dollars can't keep people together, then money really doesn't buy everything.
texasluva Pacificsun 13 months ago
Well I guess that money can't buy you love, for sure. Though I could fly to Disney World at their best Hotel. Have my picture taken with Mickey Mouse and other characters. Then a flight to French Polynesia, New Caledonia and stay for a couple of weeks. I think then Australia and New Zealand next. I'd like to go down some rapid waters but just moderately dangerous. Of course with others and a life jacket on. Take a trip to Coney Island and view the Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest. Get reserved seats for the World Series and Super Bowl in the corporate boxes. A play in New York City. I have ridden the Bullet Train in Japan long ago. Of course the best meals and dinners around the world at the best restaurants. Though money can't buy everything it sure can do a lot towards what one would like to do. There are other things you can help your children out and those in need that deserve a better life.
Coldnorth texasluva 13 months ago
My theory is : if you never have to want something because of money, what’s left? It means more in my eyes is to work toward something.
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