Jamie Farr was a Toledo hero during his time on M*A*S*H

A hero on 'M*A*S*H' and a hero in Toledo. The man in the dress defended his hometown on and off set.

Jamie Farr was known for his role as Sgt. Maxwell Q. Klinger on M*A*S*H for 11 seasons. Klinger was the cross-dressing star who brought smiles and laughter to an estimated 105 million viewers per week.

Many fans found something genuine in Farr. It could have been Farr's humble beginnings in Hollywod, or it could be his Midwestern attitude. Farr was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. Something he isn't afraid to tell people.

In a 1977 interview with Albuquerque Journal, Farr explained that he and his character in M*A*S*H had a few things in common. They both served in the military and they were both born in Toledo.

"A lot of things are based on the truth in the show," Farr said. "But as far as I know, I'm the only one that is really from the hometowns we claim on the show."

According to the interview, Farr was honored by Toledo City Officials in June of 1977. He was presented with a ceremonial glass, which is Toledo's version of the key to the city. At the time, they also dedicated a new performing arts wing to Farr at Scott High School.

Farr said his family has deep ties to the city of Toledo. His mother was a singer and actress when she was young and his father ran a corner grocery store at Locust St. and Ontario.

"I try to defend Toledo as much as I can on the show, especially when the other actors take digs at it," he said. "Like the line about even grass dying in Toledo, or the one about there being nothing to do in Toledo but go to the movies."

For Farr, being from Toledo was never a bad thing, so he kept on being the hero the city never knew they needed. 

"When I was a kid growing up I never knew Toledo was as pretty as it is," he said. "I only knew what my eyes saw and for as far as a penny would take me on a bus."

While trying to develop a career in acting, Farr left Toledo for Hollywood. There he spent two years in service and one year studying at the Pasadena Playhouse.

Farr moved to Hollywood with high expectations, but according to the interview, he was unable to find a role right away. It wasn't until 1961 that he had one of his first reoccuring roles on The Dick Van Dyke Show

Once the role on M*A*S*H came for Farr, he became a hometown hero in Toledo. 

Today, Toledo is still honoring Farr. In 2017, Farr was honored with a plaque for the Jamie Farr Park. According to an interview with WTVG Toledo, Farr gave a speech after receiving the plaque. 

"I've been given so many awards... but I've got to tell you that is probably it for me," he said. "The great Danny Thomas has a park named after him on the south side of Toledo and I have a park named after me on the north side of Toledo. This is the only city in the United States gaurded by two noses!"

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wallyandbagfan 6 days ago
Large Marge picked up Pee Wee
Herman from Pee Wees BIG Adventure.
wallyandbagfan 8 days ago
Little Red Riding Hood sung by
Sam The Sham and the Pharoes.
CoreyC 22 days ago
Danny Thomas also lived in Toledo. Toledo must have had a strong Arab community.
CynFinnegan CoreyC 19 days ago
Not "Arab"; Lebanese. Danny Thomas and Jamie Farr's families came from Lebanon.
Actually, the Arab world consists of 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa, one of which is Lebanon according to Google. So according to Google, Klinger is an Arab.
WordsmithWorks 22 days ago
He sure put Tony Packo's on the tourist map.
JHP 22 days ago
considering he is the last one left...

maybe Hungarian Goulash and Paco's wienies are a secret to longevity
wallyandbagfan JHP 8 days ago
Have you ever seen the Coke Commercial Id Like To Teach The World To Sing and The Dr Pepper
Commercial I'm A Pepper by David
Naughton and Popeye?
Those 2 commercials are under the
METV Aricl3 about Vintage soda under Articles .
JHP wallyandbagfan 8 days ago
kind of remember the ad - ahhh yes - real nonsensical ad's before

justjeff 22 days ago
Is "Hollywod" anywhere near "Cuckoomonga"?
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JHP justjeff 21 days ago
frank nelson made a mint with his oratory
justjeff JHP 21 days ago
One of my favorite character actors... His last (or one of his last) roles was in a McDonald's commercial for a contest they were running...
Cue-Camonga ( as Mel Blanc pronounced it) is about 60 miles East of Los Angeles. If you look on the map, it’s where the I-210 and I-15 cross
Train now leaving for Anaheim, Azusa, and Cuk-Camonga!
The big entertainment center is corner of Jack Benny and Rochester
Rhythm And Weep where The Three Stooges ate going to jump off a building until they hear a man played by Jack Norton playing a
Piano on the roof. Jack Norton as the nut playing the piano is a
Wild And Crazy Guy!!
DocForbin 23 days ago
Let's not forget that he also made the Mud Hens the best-known minor league baseball team in the world.
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