Peter Barton was injured by an explosive on the set of The Powers of Matthew Star

"I needed four operations, and I still have scars."

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While a show like The Powers of Matthew Star was a big break for young actor Peter Barton, the show wasn't without its trials and accidents.

In fact, Barton was injured while filming a scene in a junkyard after some miscommunication.

"I was supposed to be saving Lou Gossett, who was tied to the chair," Barton said to The Philadelphia Inquirer. "I talked to the director about the scene, but there was no rehearsal. He said, 'Just grab the chair and make a move.'"

Unfortunately, after grabbing the chair, Barton took a step and accidentally fell on a magnesium flare. The flare exploded, injuring Barton. Luckily, after his injuries had healed, Barton was able to return to set.

"They kept telling me I'd be out in a week or ten days, but that was only to encourage me," Barton said. "I needed four operations, and I still have scars. I'm lucky they're on my butt, not my face."

The silver lining of the accident was that it allowed more time for Barton and the crew of The Powers of Matthew Star to prepare for the series, as filming was delayed.

"I have more confidence in myself," he said. "I understand more. Acting is no longer such a mystery. I haven't got it down pat yet, but I'm learning to relax."

Barton was able to land the role of Matthew Star after his popularity amongst fans while he was acting on Shirley, an NBC series starring Shirley Miller.

"When the show got on the air, the fan mail began coming in — not like for John Schneider or Scott Baio, but a good amount. NBC said, hey, he's got something. Instead of sending me back to New York, they put me under contract for a year."

Luckily, by the time he graduated to leading man status, Barton had grown both as an actor, and a person. "I've calmed down," he said. "I'm not excited at just the idea of being out here. I'm not trying to please everyone, just trying to be myself on camera and keep it spontaneous. The idea of being a 'title star' sort of petrified me at first. It scared the daylights — the nightlights! — out of me. But I've learned that if a door opens up, fear or no fear, you've got to go through it. I learn a lot from doing."

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italianrose74 13 days ago
Isn’t there another place for this show??
Bapa1 13 days ago
The Summer of Me! This is a terrible show!
McGillahooala 13 days ago
Shirley Jones was the star of Shirley. Shirley Miller was her character’s name.
Stoney 14 days ago
And just like that, Matthew Starr is back. First half of the series (high school setting) is ok.
GioLovesMash 14 days ago
bye thunderbirds
I love The Thunderbirds! Watched them and Stingray as a kid.
no is gone on the metv shows
is on metv toons
I’m not sure if it’s available here. I’ll have a look. Thanks.
Runeshaper 14 days ago
Peter Barton was a trooper in that situation. Glad he didn't get seriously hurt.
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