See what modern Batman villains would have looked like on TV in 1966


  • 12/9 10:30PMDeep Freeze (2)
    "Mr. Freeze continues to taint the Dynamic Duo's reputations and threatens to turn Gotham City to ice unless they pay."
  • 12/16 10:30PMImpractical Joker, The (1)
    "The Joker steals the Jeweled Key Of Kaincardine with the aid of his new invention, a mysterious little spark-spewing box which leaves The Dynamic Duo completely helpless while he escapes."
  • 12/23 10:30PMJoker's Provokers, The (2)
    "Batman saves Robin from a wax machine and confronts Joker and his new time machine."
*available in most MeTV markets
In the current DC Comics universe, Batman is not even Batman. He's Jim Gordon in a mechanical suit. Thankfully, the publisher has been keeping the older spirit of the character alive with its delightful Batman '66 series, which is released both as a digital serial and in print. Writer Jeff Parker and artists such as Mike Allred nail the bubbly tone and candy-colored pop-art look of the original television series.

Perhaps the most alluring element of the series has been the villains. DC keeps sending modern Gotham baddies back in time to the 1960s. Bane is the ultimate 1990s comic villain — all muscles upon muscles and pure aggression. Harley Quinn, the Joker disciple, is another dark creation of that decade. Both villains have been reimagined for Batman '66 and they're far more upbeat than their modern cinematic iterations.

In the latest issue that hit stands this week, Bane has been cleverly remade as a lucha libra wrestler. Up above you can see Harley Quinn as a roller-skating jester. Next month, an issue hits the stands with Scarecrow and Killer Croc. The menagerie of criminals on Batman was fantastic, but effects at the time could not quite allow for men made of mud and reptile skin. But we're glad someone has the imagination to to ask, what if…?

Scroll down to see the retconned villains.

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