Martin Milner's daughter made officer Reed feel guilty on an episode of Adam-12

Milner's daughter in real life played the daughter of a wounded victim on Adam-12.

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Officers Jim Reed and Pete Malloy from Adam-12 weren't strangers when it came to scrutiny from the fictional citizens of Los Angeles. If they had to give a traffic ticket, or sometimes even a warning, the small characters often gave the long-partnered officers a difficult time. 

In the seventh and final season of Adam-12, the episode "Victim of the Crime" begins with Reed and Malloy investigating a stolen television set from an elderly woman. A rather cut-and-dry robbery while the woman was away from home, the officers explain that the likelihood of catching the robber and securing the stolen TV was small. Naturally, the woman is upset and lays into the officers about what they'll do to try and bring back her stolen goods. 

Once the officers leave and return to patrol, a 211 in progress comes across the radio with a report of shots fired. An antique store had been robbed and the owner was shot. When a young lady meets the officers at the scene, she says her father was shot just before the suspects ran out the back of the shop.

Reed springs into action and apprehends one of the criminals, but not before the other escapes. When the daughter of the man who was shot, Debbie McMahon, learns that Reed wasn't able to catch both criminals, she is visibly upset.

When Malloy says, "the investigators will be following up on this. Maybe you can pick the other one out from our files." McMahon, with her eyes locked on Officer Reed, responds, "you mean the one you let get away?" She adds, "even if you catch him it's not going to help my father." 

Behind the character of Debbie McMahon was Martin Milner's daughter in real life, Amy. She played the distraught daughter of the shop owner, who had taken a bullet during the robbery, but survived. Her scripted words towards Officer Reed made him feel rather helpless, but he understood her anger.

Amy Milner, according to IMDb, had no other acting credits, but had a rather significant role in this season seven episode. 

After her initial appearance and guilt-tripping words to Officer Reed, Amy Milner shared a more direct scene with her father, including one where she had several lines and close-ups. In the dramatic scene, she tears up and sells just how scared but resilient her character of McMahon is. 

Amy Milner was just a baby when she and her mother traveled with her father for the on-location filming of Route 66, another show Martin Milner will always be linked to. 

Amy was 17 years old when this episode of Adam-12 aired, and we're certain her father, one of the stars of the series, was as proud as he could be. 

Did you know this scene, between officer Malloy and Debbie McMahon, was shared between Martin Milner and his daughter?

Martin Milner and his daughter, Amy, in the season seven Adam-12 episode Martin Milner and his daughter, Amy, in the season seven Adam-12 episode

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JohnGibbons 16 months ago
Kent McCord’s daughter Kristen also played in one episode titled “Operation Action”
texasluva 16 months ago
Not sure I remember that episode. It is sad on reading about her life that she passed away in 2004 with leukemia. Not far from where I grew up in San Diego (December 18, 2004 in Encinitas, CA).
Mblack 16 months ago
Did she go to work one day with him, and somebody asked her if she'd play a character?

I just read that "Marilyn" on Northern Exposure went with her mother for company, but they hired the daughter. We've seen stories like that here.
DocForbin 16 months ago
I presume Amy wasn't even born yet when Milner made his iconic guest star appearance in the "Mirror Image" episode of the original version of The Twilight Zone.
CaptainDunsel DocForbin 16 months ago
She would have been about one and a half. She was born in 1958 and that TZ episode aired in 1960. (According to IMDB)
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