These rejected McDonald's designs from 1973 would've made our meals more groovy

Apparently, McDonald's was not lovin' it, but we do!

Images: The Vignelli Center for Design Studies

A Big Mac never reminded us of The Mary Tyler Moore Show until we saw these unearthed proposed designs to give McDonald's packaging a major mod makeover in 1973.

In the end, the Happy Meal maker wasn't stoked with the direction, so we never got to see the muted shades that tried to replace McD's signature mustard yellow and ketchup red.

The images of these rejected designs were recently surfaced by the Vignelli Center for Design Studies. According to Adweek, the design firm Unimark International drafted these designs in the Seventies, after much discussion with McDonald's employees, managers and even customers.

Were you ever eating a burger at the fast food joint and found yourself approached to take a survey? It's possible you contributed to the work Unimark did in their attempts to evolve McDonald's signature packaging. Adweek shared photos on Twitter, which you can view below:

And the Vignelli Center shared some more:

See even more photos in this Adweek feature.

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stephaniestavropoulos 7 months ago
Geoff, GeoffTanner? Where are you? Hmmmm! He's not here, yet either. Maybe he's busy taking a Micky D's break!
Here's a little ditty that some of might remember. {If not exactly somehow similar.}
"McDonald's is my kind of place, my hap hap happy place. Smash hamburgers in your face, stick french fries up your nose, put catsup between your toes. McDonald's is my kind of place. My kind of place! {I have a feeling I left at least one verse out, but this is all I can remember.} Thanks for "listening!"
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