Vinyl records outsell CDs for the first time since 1987

The last time vinyl was on top, Jem dolls and Spuds MacKenzie were all the rage.

Do you have a record player that you still use? Do you find putting the needle on a record so much more satisfying than pressing "play" on a CD player? If so, you're in good company, since for the first time in decades, vinyl has come out on top.

The Recording Industry Association of America released their 2022 year-end report and announced that for the sixteenth year in a row vinyl revenue has continued to climb — and they just hit an important milestone.

After a year of 17% growth in vinyl sales, the old-school music format has overtaken CD sales for the first time since New Coke was on the shelves. In 2022, vinyl accounted for a massive 71% in physical format sales.

According to the report, a whopping 41 million units of vinyl were sold last year.

Mitch Glazer, Chairman and CEO of the RIAA, said "Music lovers clearly can’t get enough of the high-quality sound and tangible connection to artists vinyl delivers and labels have squarely met that demand with a steady stream of exclusives, special reissues, and beautifully crafted packages and discs."

If you want to catch the vinyl wave, you can find record players and classic vinyl albums in the MeTV Mall.

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evetsocrates 9 days ago
I still buy CDs for the lossless audio (and copy them to my computer). Some blame should go to digital distributors for not including the full album artwork with digital downloads and not standardizing the format early on.
wallyandbagfan 10 days ago
MichaelAllenGates 11 days ago
My favorite gospel group Rend Collective does new vinyl records and I have bought more than one copy of each.
LalaLucy 11 days ago
Love my record player, love my LP collection, love that I sent my second oldest off to college with his player and LPs. Only bummer is I am too generous. He has the best collection and I am still working on getting my own copies of ones we mutually love. Eh, but it's worth it to know I trained him well. 😁
JHP LalaLucy 11 days ago
damm good for you! You did very well!
DawnieRotten 11 days ago
We are moving back to BEING HUMAN! (YAY!!) Humans are ANALOG Beings! NO! digital! I will always have my 'old school' stereo and my record collection. Nothing beats vinyl!!
JHP DawnieRotten 11 days ago
I totally agree:) Computers no matter what are zeroes and ones - we humans are more frequencies than anything
I used to receive the Analog tv signals of channel 8 WGHP in
High Point NC 100 miles away and channel 8 WRIC IN PETERSBURG
VA over 100 miles away.
FCC why cant we have both
Analog &Digital tv signals?
Analog TV signals are stronger and travel further than digital TV signals. I hope that someday the
Don't hear any Networks complaining about the Digital Transition, which was many years ago. You can hope , but it's doubtful Television will ever go back to that format.
Totally agree. I live 55 miles from Hartford, CT and 75 miles from NYC and my cable company forces me to watch the long distant NYC channels that do nothing for this area and have been deleting local CT channels. The digital antennas are not strong enough to reach either location so I can't drop cable and put the rotor antenna up again to get my local OTA channels.
With Analog I can receive all of the local channels but with Digital there are 10 channels that I cant receive.
Your terminology is a bit of a misnomer. All the channels your mentioning are broadcast in digital format. How your picking them up is reception. Television signals are no longer and haven't been broadcast in analog format for over a decade.
15inchBlackandWhite 12 days ago
Most new vehicles no longer come with a CD player. I suspect this is contributing to a decline in CD sales which is matched up against steadily rising sales of vinyl.
I bought a new car three years ago, I asked the dealer where is The CD player? He just laughed. But I can still plug in my portable Cd player into the system.
frenchman71 Bapa1 11 days ago
Four years ago I rented a car to go out of state. I told the guy at the agency that I want a car with a CD player in it. He had to go to an office in a neighboring city to get one. But I had my CD player and took my box of about 70 CDs and rode off.
You can thank the recording industry for that crafty move.
Bapa1 12 days ago
The only retailer I know that sells CD's is Walmart, and they have an extremely limited selection. They do sell Vinyl, at ridiculous prices. I still buy used CDs, sometimes at 10 cents each.
harlow1313 12 days ago
I truly miss the old record and book stores, so filled with ideas and styles. Sadly, the information age has made them nearly obsolete. We now have so many choices, it seems that only sub-mental stuff rises to noticeable.

Do people still read novels? I hope so.
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lynngdance harlow1313 10 days ago
😃 Capital! We should start a fan club 😆 lol 😁 We could call ourselves the “Baker Street Irregulars of Metv”.
And yeah, Basil Rathbone is okay I guess as Sherlock, but I just can’t hack watching Nigel Bruce as Watson. Just can’t stand to see Holmes’ friend and colleague being made into an idiot. 😐
I just recently discovered the Jeremy Brett tv series on YouTube a couple months ago and started binge-watching and I’ll have to say he’s the best portrayal of Sherlock Holmes I’ve ever seen.

Oh and on the last thing you said, about Holmes’ cocaine addiction, before I started reading the stories, I knew it was common knowledge about Sherlock Holmes being a Cocaine addict, but I just assumed because of Victorian properness or something that it was just laid between the lines or something, so I was quite surprised when I read “The Sign Of Four” and discovered it starts out with a detailed description of Holmes…err…injecting himself with the stuff. 😝 (I guess it’s even funnier because at the time I started reading it just for school, and that was not the kind of thing I expected the school to have me read lol)

🔍 ✨ ☕️ 🇬🇧 🔬🧪💎
Mblack lynngdance 10 days ago
After Young Sherlock Holmes came out in the late eighties, I made a point of reading all the stories. I thought he made too big leaps, we didn't see the work he did to get to the conclusion.
harlow1313 lynngdance 10 days ago
Look here, at my age, I have no desire to join a club with "Irregulars" in the club name.

I very much enjoy the film, "Murder by Decree."

In the original tales, Holmes comes off an eccentric. Only Brett captures that eccentricity.

Re. the stories: I have always liked the two characters and the world they inhabit, most about the stories. They are rather cool adventure stories.
lynngdance harlow1313 10 days ago
Lol. I just said Irregulars because that’s what Holmes calls the “Street Arabs” (pardon the expression) who help him with cases.

Ditto on Brett capturing the eccentricity. (Benedict Cumberbatch comes close in BBC’s “Sherlock” but that’s a different story)

Definitely agree with you on the characters and the world they inhabit. The more I read about them, the more they become more like friends than just characters. I guess that sounds silly and sorry about the loooong novel of comment but when I get started talking (especially about this) I can’t stop 😆.

wallyandbagfan 12 days ago
Amazon might have record plsyers for sale . Amazon definitely sells VCRS AND
COMBOS and Vcrs that transfer vhs tapes to DVds and dvd recorders.
justjeff 12 days ago
Vinyl albums now retail for about $30 each... and since less CDs are being produced, *of course* they're outselling them... especially if you're going by dollar revenue and *not* unit sales...

Other than vintage LP collectors, I don't know *anyone* who's coughing up 30 bucks for those platters...
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justjeff frenchman71 11 days ago
"demand"...translates into "greed'... let's bring back the Edison cylinder or the wire recorded...
JHP justjeff 10 days ago
greed is always there - then before it comes the market/consumer demand
justjeff JHP 10 days ago
unless the demand is created to fill the need for greed... If you don't believe me, watch any *As Seen on TV* commercial with their "Limited Quantities" shtick...
JHP justjeff 8 days ago
Oh I for sure believe you - I hear all the time "limited quantities" and "limited time". A lot of marketing BS speak (the other phrase is "up to" )
MrsPhilHarris 13 days ago
I have hundreds and hundreds of albums in boxes in our basement but no record player. I have been tempted to buy one but figured it would just add more clutter.
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LoveMETV22 JHP 11 days ago
remember the bird that would bob and dip it's nose in a glass of water?

JHP LoveMETV22 11 days ago
there it is! When I was a kid my parents for whatever reason had that thing on top of the frig..dont know why
We had one of those. Someone got it for Christmas as a gag gift. I think it was my Dad. I have a vague recollection. Nice memory.
I hear you. Mine haven’t moved in years.
Rob 13 days ago
I got rid of all my vinyl records years ago. I still have a few cassettes laying around, l don’t think that they will ever make a comeback!
Wolfman1382 Rob 13 days ago
Cassettes actually have been steadily making a comeback along with cassette walkman’s. Most current metal bands now release cassettes as an option for their new album releases (Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne & Metallica for example). Stranger Things” along with 80s/90s nostalgia has had an influence & impact among young adolescents where the last season of “Stranger Things” plotline revolved around cassettes. My 9 year Son requested cassette tapes for Xmas & a walkman for his Bday, it was a trip shopping on ebay for cassette tapes of albums I used to own when I was his age.
Rob Wolfman1382 11 days ago
I never would have imagined that cassettes would ever come back! I think that it’s great when young people “discover” things and especially music from the eighties and make them popular again.
wallyandbagfan 13 days ago
Are old 45 RPM RECORDS worth anything?
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srcdco Kramden62 11 days ago
I, too, collect LPs and 45s. I have about 5,000 LPs and 13,000 45s. Most of mine are from 1949 - 1985. I like the oddball stuff, usually things no one has heard of (including me, until I listen to it).
Art1957 frenchman71 11 days ago
They're from the 50's 60's and 70's. Go search on eBay yourself if you don't believe me.
justjeff Art1957 11 days ago
Well, a good friend of mine for over 50 years has been a record dealer most of that time. He knows the market as good as anyone, so I'll trust both his word and my experiences...
frenchman71 Art1957 10 days ago
No, I believe ya. My feeling was at my garage sale, if you see a song you like, you haven't heard it in a long time and can play it 15x in a row, a buck ain't such a bad deal.
wallyandbagfan 13 days ago
Pretty Little Angel Eyes by Curtis Lee.
wallyandbagfan 13 days ago
Simon Says by 1910 Fruitgum
Company .
I have that 45 in my jukebox right now.
I love the songs Simon Says and
Pretty Little Angel Eyes!!
cperrynaples 13 days ago
Of course, we know to thank [OR blame] for this: Gary "Baba Booey" Del'abate and his "pieces of vinyl"...LOL!
Bricat2001 13 days ago
Thats great news! i have a record player but it broke so now imtrying to find a new one for a decent price
LoveMETV22 Bricat2001 13 days ago
Yes, unlike VHS/VCR's which are no longer manufactured, a record player is a good investment. Good luck in your search for a record player. Hopefully you can find one at a decent price.
justjeff Bricat2001 12 days ago
Shop around for a Crosley radio/phono combination unit. They're not high-end like a Garrard turntable connected to high-end audio components, but at least you can play the LPS on it...
Hsvr you tried Amazon to find a.record player or a pawn shop?
JHP justjeff 11 days ago
I remember those combo units (mine was a Pioneer - cassette, TT and tuner (am/fm) all in one
musicman37 justjeff 10 days ago your LPs on a Crosley and they'll last about five minutes......
LoveMETV22 13 days ago
That's good to hear, especially since there are many people that collect vinyl records, and the quality doesn't degrade over time like a VHS/VCR Tape would.
Thank you MeTV for including the link " 2022 year-end report " in pdf form- a nice add to the article.
Nice to hear Vinyl Records are still being produced.
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frenchman71 justjeff 9 days ago
I had heard that vinyl produced today is a better quality vinyl than years ago and the sound reproduction is supposed to be better.
justjeff frenchman71 9 days ago
Yes and no. Pure virgin vinyl has the best sound, The addition of carbon to make the black color of most records can diminish that sound, but [in my opinion], ever-so-slightly.

The sound quality issue reached its peak in the 1970s during the gas crisis of that era.

Many phonograph records were reclaimed and recycled, but often time they were ground up along with their paper labels, which created a '78-rpm-like' surface noise.

In the 1950s and early 1960s, budget record labels used cheaper-grade vinyl pellets, which also enhanced surface noise. The thinner LPs that RCA tried in the 1970s were more prone to warpage and distortion.

The trumpeting of "180 gram vinyl' nowadays is just a marketing ploy. 180 gram was the *normal* weight of LPs in the 1950s, until record companies discovered they could reduce the weight of albums slightly and get more yield from their vinyl compound.

Many record companies made their 45 rpm records from injection-molded styrene. These records were more breakable, damaged more easily and wore out quicker than vinyl pressings. If you played a styrene 45 too often, you'd end up with "hiss" or "burn" in your playback...

Ironically, both vinyl and styrene are considered carcinogenic when used in food packaging. If you've ever been inside a Harbor Freight Tools store and smelled a strong odor, that's usually the low-grade polyvinyl chloride used in China with no stabilizers. That type of vinyl can migrate and also cause health hazards. Even the "new car smell" we used to love as kids was us breathing in PVC fumes...
Kramden62 justjeff 7 days ago
If I played one of my styrene 45's on my folks' stereo back in the 70's - that meant instant death to the record as the tone arm had a heavy cartridge. Ever since then I have preferred 45's on vinyl since they could stand up to a heavy tone arm better. (Although, the tone arm on my Stanton turntable is only 4 grams, so styrene can safely be played on it. Same goes for my Seeburg jukebox, as it has a lightweight tone arm that won't damage styrene.)
Moverfan madvincent 6 days ago
I could have used that guy. I bought the Guess Who's slbum Road Food on vinyl snd Star Baby, the very first song, skipped in several places. Took it back and exchanged it...damn song still skipped.
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