7 must-see Perry Mason cases for 'Making a Murderer' fans

Do you need a new dose of whodunnit? This handful of Perry episodes features similar elements to the documentary that had everyone talking.

The trial and conviction of Wisconsin man Steven Avery, as documented in the Netflix series Making a Murderer, became the national sensation and water cooler conversation of 2016. With a colorful cast of characters, accusations of corruption, a wrongful conviction, befuddling evidence and lingering questions, the story seems written for television. In fact, when watching the legal proceedings in the courthouse, it's hard not to think of fictional defense lawyer Perry Mason. 

We are not here to offer any opinions or judgment on that case. After watching the compelling trial, we figure that many are likely hungry for more juicy judicial drama and witness stand suspense. Here are seven episodes of Perry Mason that should entrance fans of Making of Murderer.


1. The Case of the Moth-Eaten Mink


Season 1, episode 13

When a waitress runs out of a restaurant and gets run over by a car, one customer named George Fayette doesn't seem too concerned. She suspiciously owns an expensive mink coat. In the pocket is a pawn ticket for a gun used to kill a cop. Perry and his investigator Paul Drake have to deal with Lt. Tragg and Det. Sgt. Jaffrey, who are hungry for a conviction, in this classic. It was the first episode ever filmed, based on one of the best Erle Stanley Gardner novels.

2. The Case of the Demure Defendant


Season 1, episode 16

Young Nadine is accused of killing her uncle. She confesses to the crime after drinking "truth serum." Perry defends her, as the evidence continues to pile up in the courtroom. Evidence has been tampered with and planted, and Perry is in hot water as the police believe he is responsible.

3. The Case of the Haunted Husband


Season 1, episode 19

Hitchhiking because her purse was stolen, Claire Olger is picked up by Michael Greeley. Intoxicated, he loses control of the car and collides with an oncoming truck. Arriving at the scene of the accident, the police find Claire alone in the car and the truck driver dead. Soon, Greeley is dead, and the murders begin to stack up as Mason defends Olger.

4. The Case of the Perjured Parrot


Season 2, episode 11

While most of Perry's cases take place in Los Angeles, this one heads to the hills of rural Logan City. A man with a talking bird is murdered, and it turns out he was married to multiple women with similar sounding names (especially in the mouth of a parrot). Perry defends one of them. The twists and turns and conflicting testimonies pile up in this head-spinner.

5. The Case of Paul Drake's Dilemma


Season 3, episode 6

Perry Mason finds himself defending his private investigator Paul Drake against a charge of murder.

6. The Case of the Lurid Letter


Season 6, episode 10

A fishing vacation in the Sierra Mountains takes Perry to another small town. He defends a woman, a teacher, who is cast as a pariah by the community. There are motorcycles, gossip and themes of small town justice in this atypical venue for the series.

7. The Case of the Deadly Verdict


Season 7, episode 4

One of the most famous Perry Mason cases! First off, he suffers the ultra-rare loss in the opening. Janice Barton (played by Julie Adams, pictured) is found guilty. Perry does not give up and keep digging. Was Barton wrongfully accused?

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