8 of the most glamorous Lisa Douglas looks on Green Acres

You can't mention style icons without thinking of Eva Gabor! Here are some of her most iconic looks on Green Acres.

Eva Gabor and the character she played on Green Acres had a similar passion for fashion. On the series she played the role of Lisa Douglas, a glamorous woman with love for the finer things in life — probably why she was married to Oliver Wendell Douglas.

You can't mention style icons without thinking of Gabor. The actress always had everyone's attention from the moment she walked into a room. Whether it was fur coats, wigs or diamonds; She was a woman of class and wasn't afraid to show it.

With 170 episodes of Green Acres, choosing the most iconic Lisa Douglas outfits is almost impossible. When you're Eva Gabor, everything looks good while you're wearing it. 

Take a look at these statement pieces, casual cloths, fashionable looks and more! Let us know your favorite Lisa Douglas look below in the comments.

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1. The flower hat from "The Good Old Days"


The flower really captures the essence of this entire outfit, and without the flower, it just wouldn't be glamorous enough for Mrs. Douglas.

This Lisa Douglas fit proves that she is one with nature, or one with the green acres. 

2. The cheetah print fit from "The Price of Apples"


Why settle for one statement piece when you could make two statements at once? Only a style icon such as Lisa Douglas could pull off both.

Her pearl necklace represents her class while her cheetah print coat represents just how bold and fierce she was as her character and as Eva Gabor.

When life gives you pearls, just add cheetah print!

3. Polka-dot dress from "Everywhere a Chick Chick"


In a world full of solid colors, Lisa Douglas was a polka-dot. This dotted dress comes from the episode "Everywhere a Chick Chick" in season four. This dress could work as a night gown, or a night on the town. 

It's one of our favorite outfits from the series because it's simple, yet very Lisa Douglas.

4. The picnic outfit from "The Saucer Season"


Most people dress down for a picnic, but not Lisa Douglas, no way. She showed up to the picnic with more flowers on her hat than the surroundings outside.

Roses are red, violets are blue, this dress is sweet and so is Lisa Douglas.

5. This fancy pink coat from the episode "Handy Lessons"


This outfit screams Lisa Douglas right down to the ring on her finger. This iconic look can be found in the episode "Handy Lessons," but you can see variations of this same style throughout all six seasons of Green Acres.

Fur and diamonds are part of the glamour dress code and she proves it.

6. The dress and necklace from "How Hooterville was Floundered"


The necklace is a statement all in itself. This dress and fur coat combo is from the episode "How Hooterville was Floundered" in season four.

If sunshine isn't enough, this yellow coat is enough to brighten anyone's day, especially for Lisa Douglas.

7. This iconic look from "Oliver's Jaded Past"


For Lisa Douglas, pearl necklaces not only go with every outfit, but they are an essential part of almost every look. In a world of trends, be an Eva Gabor.

8. This super pink dress from "Oliver's Schoolgirl Crush"


This outfit represents Lisa Douglas in more ways than one, but we'll start with just how pink this dress is. She brought elegance to life with one strand of pearls at a time.

Lisa Douglas didn't just wear pink on Wednesday's as some do, she wore the color with almost every outfit throughout Green Acres. You can find this outfit in the season five episode "Oliver's Schoolgirl Crush."

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MrsPhilHarris 7 months ago
I love her outfits. Always so flamboyant.
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