Are these characters from Walton’s Mountain or Mayberry?

Do you know Mr. McBeevee from Jake the Junkman?

Both The Waltons and The Andy Griffith Show had many colorful characters. Some became recurring faces in many episodes while others made memorable appearances just one time.

How well do you know all the different characters who showed up in Mayberry or on Walton’s Mountain? Try to match these names to the right series!

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  1. Corabeth Godsey
  2. Howard Sprague
  3. Flossie Brimmer
  4. Thelma Lou
  5. Ernest T. Bass
  6. Ep Bridges
  7. Roy Stoner
  8. Verdie Grant Foster
  9. G.W. Haines
  10. Briscoe Darling
  11. Maude Gormley
  12. Bobby Bigelow
  13. Skippy and Daphne
  14. Polonius Baldwin
  15. Reverend Tucker
  16. Toni Hazleton
  17. Jedediah Wakefield
  18. Gilly Walker
  19. Jake the Junkman
  20. Mr. McBeevee

Are these characters from Walton’s Mountain or Mayberry?

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Snickers 11 days ago
17 out of 20. Since I never watched The Walton's Mountain I did well.
Newyorkcitygal 11 days ago
18/20 not bad. I enjoy both of these shows in reruns still...
Beatseeker 12 days ago
got 20/20... thanks to reruns...
Lagina 12 days ago
You got 20 out of 20 - of course I did! The Waltons is my favorite show!
Beatseeker Lagina 12 days ago
i love ags, but never saw the waltons...
Lagina Beatseeker 11 days ago
I think you'd like it, if you like Andy. They have some crazy characters too :)
STTOS 14 days ago
You got 20 out of 20 - You're not imagining things, you did great! Don't know The Waltons but I do know my TAGS!!
MsFelicia 15 days ago
20/20! Pays to have The Andy Griffith Show as your daily background noise! LOL!
MrBill 15 days ago
19/20; missed #3 - I seem to remember a Flossie in one of the high school reunion episodes of TAGS and this one threw me off.
Sally 16 days ago
17 out of 20...I've forgotten too many Andy Griffith episodes.
Shatner1 16 days ago
19/20---Jedidiah Wakefield!!!!!
ASperos 16 days ago
Love the Taylor’s and the Waltons!!!
bigmig99 16 days ago
Got Maude Gromley and Verdie Foster wrong because one of the fun girls in Andy Griffith was named Maude and there was a character name in Andy Griffith that was either Verdie or Mr. Foster. Come to think of it, I think it was Jubal Foster in Andy Griffith that confused me on that one.
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