Are these cosmic beings from classic Doctor Who or Star Trek?

Do you know Daleks from Tellarites? What about Zygons from Romulans?

They’re both iconic science fiction characters who pilot their respective vessels to the far reaches of space and the complicated paradoxes of time. They’ve also both been played by multiple actors in various incarnations.

Yes, Captain Kirk and the Doctors from Doctor Who have a lot more in common than it might seem. They’ve also both faced some of the strangest life forms seen on TV.

We've listed names of alien races and cosmic creatures from both shows below. Can you guess which famous sci-fi franchise each one is from?

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  1. These aliens are from...
  2. These famous villains are from...
  3. These seemingly harmless beings are from...
  4. What are these creatures from?
  5. These aliens are very unique looking, even for these two shows!
  6. Do you know what this is from?
  7. What are these fish-like humanoids from?
  8. What are these aliens from?
  9. These telepathic beings are from...
  10. What are these creatures from?
  11. These aliens are from...
  12. What is this villain from?

Are these cosmic beings from classic Doctor Who or Star Trek?

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Kergooliewyn 8 days ago
7/12 ugh. I should go shut myself in a Phonebooth.
pidge Kergooliewyn 4 days ago
Maybe a Police box would be better.
ClassicTVnut 8 days ago
11/12. Most I knew, the rest were lucky guesses.
Ready2go 10 days ago
10/12 . Pretty good since I never really watched either, but, probably know Star Trek better.
Love to see the original " Outer Limits" on MEtv. One of my favorites.
eyegor 11 days ago
12/12. I know my Star Trek aliens, not so much Dr. Who aliens.
PulsarStargrave 11 days ago
10/12 I got the EASIEST question "wrong" because the screen jumped as I selected my answer! WHY does it do that??
I hate that! Next time that happens just start over.
RichLorn 12 days ago
I had to pronounce some of these $#@*(@^ names out loud before I could recognize them. Its like reading an eye chart.
I hope Dr.WHO and The AVENGERS (Steed and Mrs.PEEL) come to MeTV!
Yes, and "The Mod Squad!"
frenchman71 14 days ago
Was 12/12, only because Star Trek is one of my 3 favorite TV shows. Never even saw Dr. Who.
Adanor frenchman71 13 days ago
That's because Dr. Who is a British TV show. But it has been on forever and there have been many different actors playing Dr. Who.
CaptainDunsel Adanor 11 days ago
Just FYI, "Dr. Who" isn't the character's name. It's a question. The character is just "The Doctor".
(And here's hoping that The Doctor never plays baseball...)
JON PERTWEE (pictured), TOM BAKER, DAVID TENNANT and I want to re-watch the PETER CAPALDI episodes!
HEY.....does thismean The Doctoris coming to MeTV?!?
One of *my* favorite "Doctors", David Bradley, portraying William Hartnell in the 2013 biopic "An Adventure in Space and Time".
Arturus Adanor 9 days ago
It is Finally seeing it's last season. I saw that somewhere where shows were and we're not being cancelled they are keeping NCSI I think it is a done deal it just isn't the same without Ziva and the rest of the cast when she was there they all clicked really well.
I did not know that. Then again, I never watched it.
MaryWoodring 14 days ago
8 out of 12. Not too bad. Watched more Star Trek than Dr. Who

Craigamy46 14 days ago
I loved the Star Trek vs Doctor Who. I hardly ever saw Dr. Who, but my Dad was a die hard Star Trek fan and I got 8 right snd 12 wrong. Not bad at all!
Claude Craigamy46 14 days ago
How did you get 8 correct and 12 incorrect when there were only 12 questions total?
MrBill 14 days ago
10/12; not too bad a score considering I only knew the Daleks. I have never watched Star Trek and do not care for that series.
svenlogin 14 days ago
11 out of 12 I'm happy with that.
Muleskinner 14 days ago
10/12. 😀 I usually bomb any quiz with Star Trek in it.
DethBiz 14 days ago
9 out of 12. Eh, better than I figured I would do.
Russ 14 days ago
Which episode of ToS did Garm appear in? I don't recall that name.
MalachiCrunch Russ 13 days ago
Garm was a Dr. Who character.
Tim 14 days ago
Easy, peacy! BTW, there's a comic book crossover between Star Trek and Doctor Who that worth hunting down!
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