Are these real '60s game shows or did we make them up?

Watching contestants and celebrities battle it out for prizes is always fun.

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You might think of the Sixties and say, "What a time to be alive!" So much new and refreshing content was on television, and trying to watch everything was impossible.

One of the things many people loved to watch was game shows, and boy, were there a lot in the '60s. Did the titles match the game show? Yes. Do some titles sound made up when we think of them today? Absolutely.

So, we want to know if you can guess if these titles are real '60s game shows or if we made them up. Good luck! 

  1. '60s game show title: Video Village
  2. '60s game show title: Pass the Paper
  3. '60s game show title: You Don't Say
  4. '60s game show title: You're Putting Me On
  5. '60s game show title: Dance or Lift
  6. '60s game show title: The Generation Gap
  7. '60s game show title: What's That Hairstyle?
  8. '60s game show title: It's The Creature!
  9. '60s game show title: Missing Links
  10. '60s game show title: Supermarket Sweep
  11. '60s game show title: Share The Prize
  12. '60s game show title: The Face Is Familiar

Are these real '60s game shows or did we make them up?

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