Did these things happen on M*A*S*H or Have Gun - Will Travel?

There aren't many similarities between Westerns and war dramedies, but these situations can be from either.

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Did you ever think you'd see a quiz with M*A*S*H and Have Gun - Will Travel in the same title? The American war comedy and Western shows have more differences than similarities. However, it would be hard to identify what show certain situations happened on since both have episodes that sound like they could be from either show.

That's why we want to see if you can do it! Did these things happen on M*A*S*H or Have Gun - Will Travel?

NOTE: We're using general words like "one person... or a man/woman..." to describe the situation because it would be too easy if we used the characters' names that are involved.

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  1. Situation one: A man has a fever and decides to write a will, leaving his money to his wife but clothes to another woman.
  2. Situation two: Two people formed together to press charges against another man because they wanted him arrested; They do this so someone else can be in control.
  3. Situation three: A man is blamed for an accident that crippled another man's wife, resulting from a joke gone wrong.
  4. Situation four: A man's face is badly burned after a stove explodes.
  5. Situation five: A man won a batch of items in a poker game but found himself in a war because of it.
  6. Situation six: At a baseball game, guns are being used as freely as bats.
  7. Situation seven: One person becomes the primary suspect, as a search for stolen items leads to them.
  8. Situation eight: A schoolmistress is threatened for teaching about war crimes and needs protection.
  9. Situation nine: The search is on for a dog who bites a man and must be found to check whether the man needs rabies vaccinations.
  10. Situation ten: A man's old friend needs help with an election.

Did these things happen on M*A*S*H or Have Gun - Will Travel?

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