Can you complete the names of all these Wagon Train characters?

Prove you're actually the master of Wagon Train.

Along the Wagon Train, we met our share of wagon masters, scouts and other folks who either played recurring characters or else just made a huge impression the only time they happened into camp.

Think you can complete the names of all these Wagon Train characters? Prove you're the master by scoring 10/13 or better.

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  1. The original wagon master was played by Ward Bond: Seth [???]
  2. John McIntyre replaced Ward Bond as wagon master: Christopher [???]
  3. Robert Horton played trusty trail scout: [???] McCullough
  4. Terry Wilson could be trusted as assistant trail master: Bill [???]
  5. Peter Falk starred in this favorite Wagon Train episode: The [???] Morgan Story
  6. The cook on Wagon Train was named: [???] Wooster
  7. Robert Fuller replaced Horton as the scout: Cooper [???]
  8. The first ever episode of Wagon Train was named: The [???] Moran Story
  9. Bette Davis starred in three Wagon Train episodes, but this was her memorable last appearance: The [???] May Story
  10. Another young scout we met on Wagon Train was called: [???] Shannon
  11. Lou Costello took a dramatic turn in this episode of Wagon Train: The Tobias [???] Story
  12. This 13-year-old boy is invited to join the Wagon Train, even though he tells some tall tales at first: Barnaby [???]
  13. In the episode “Wagon Ho,” Mickey Rooney starred as the writer of the title story read in the episode. Complete his character name: [???] T. Evans

Can you complete the names of all these Wagon Train characters?

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DeanaRuthHoward 7 months ago
I love Wagon Train and Rawhide. Try to never miss them. I wish Highway Patrol was on at a time I could watch. I have set my alarm for the very early hour but I usually fall back to sleep. Could you air it in the afternoon?
Lizzy 8 months ago
13/13 wagon train is awesome
Angie 16 months ago
11/13 (missed two of the guest stars). Flint approves.
Geronimo 19 months ago
Not bad for someone who never watched Wagon Train........................................9/13
bobb9343 19 months ago
11/13, That brought kudos from ol' Flint.
EllisClevenger 19 months ago
You got 9 out of 13
Seth Adams is just a little upset at your score...
Well,I guess you can see. I didn't watch that program much, and guessed. A lot.
booster 19 months ago
10/13 I only watched about a dozen episodes. I did see the one with Lou Costello. It was the only dramatic role he ever played in his career.
cperrynaples booster 19 months ago
Yes, and didn't he die of a heart attack soon after?
daDoctah 19 months ago
7/13, which is amazing because I've never watched a single episode of Wagon Train and all my answers were wild guesses.
TomTerrrific 19 months ago
11/13. I had to guess a lot of these. I ought to start watching Wagon Train more.
SteveVanburen 19 months ago
12 out of 13 flint McCullough thinks time to be the Indian scout.
TVJunkie 19 months ago
Only missed # 9, the Betty Davis one. Is Wagon Train awesome or what ?
UTZAAKE 19 months ago
5/13. Thought I was going to achieve perfection in the wrong direction. Then I got the second one correct. Bottom that!
MrsPhilHarris 19 months ago
9/13 I don't ever remember watching Wagon Train so I guessed on all of them.
Jeffrey 19 months ago
You got 9 out of 13 -----------Seth Adams is just a little upset at your score...
anthony 19 months ago
8/13.Wagon Train,Wagon Train.I just take these western's quizzes(other then Bonanza)just to see how good I can guess.Without the multiple choice there is not one question on this quiz I would have been able to answer.And that goes for of the other gazillion western's that were made in the 50's and '60's that I have never seen one episode.Like I said before.For me a lot of them can be all the same show.😀But it's still fun to see how many I can guess right.Who knows maybe one day I will sit down and watch a Wagon Train or two.
ndebrabant 19 months ago

You got 12 out of 13
Flint McCullough thinks maybe it's your turn to be trail scout.
teire 19 months ago
7/13, did not know most of these, had to do a lot of guessing.
AndrewHass 19 months ago
I was 8/13 but since most were guesses i think i did okay.
cperrynaples 19 months ago
10/13! Most were guesses, WT fans will do better!
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