Can you guess which TV show Marion Ross is on in these images?

Where else can you see ''Mrs. C''?

You know her best as "Mrs. C," mother of Richie and Joanie on Happy Days. Of course, the lovely Marion Ross has a television career that spans decades! She not only portrayed a 1950s TV mom — she was on shows in the 1950s! 

Ross continued to turn up in roles in sitcoms through the 1990s, too. 

Let's see if you can place her on the correct shows. Guess which show she is on in this images!

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  1. Ross made her first appearance as Marion Cunningham on an episode of this series in 1972.
  2. Her character Emily married Merrill on this series.
  3. Watch out — she has a grenade!
    Image: Warner Bros.
  4. She met Mr. Zeno, an alien with weather-controlling powers, in a 1964 tale called "The Special One."
  5. She was Dr. Katherine Porter, the pediatrician to a certain young trio, on this show.
  6. She was "Grandma Foreman" in four episodes of this series.
    Image: Carsey-Werner Productions
  7. Can you recognize the office in which she is sitting?
  8. She turned up in an episode titled "The Ghost Story" on this series, opposite the lead character seen here.
  9. She was Miss McGinnis, Jeff's teacher, on this sitcom in 1959.
  10. Ross returned to 1950s nostalgia as Sophie Berger on this Golden Globe-winning series that aired in 1991–93.
    Image: The Everett Collection
  11. She played a nun on the episode "Harry's Will" of this series in 1990. Who would have had a will from Harry?
  12. In 1965, Ross landed her first major lead role as Mary Morgan on this daytime drama.
    Image: The Everett Collection

Can you guess which TV show Marion Ross is on in these images?

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DarioWiter 1 day ago
Not bad at 9 out of 12! 👍👍👍👍👍 😁😁😁😁😁
MadMadMadWorld 1 month ago
Marion was a beautiful woman in her prime! See #7 and #9 for examples of her appearances on shows ("Perry Mason" and "The Donna Reed Show") in the late-1950s. She is now 91 (Oct. 25, 2019), and many more to her!
Lacey 2 months ago
10 out of 12.
She was also in "Teacher's Pet" with Doris Day and Clark Gable in 1958.
Karen 2 months ago
11/12 never heard of Paradise Bay. She was also on an episode of Rawhide.
MarkSpeck 2 months ago
10 out of 12. The 'trio' question got me, as did the soap opera question.
Craigg 2 months ago
some hard ones:

You got 10 out of 12
Nothing gets by you! Nice work!
JeremyG 2 months ago
They left out that she also played Drew Carey's mother in several episodes of his self-titled sitcom in the 90's.
Wiseguy JeremyG 2 months ago
And she was referred to as "Mrs. C."
RoberttheWallace 2 months ago
Great trivia--missed only one, " Paradise Bay ". While all of these memorable moments mentioned are good. .where are her two Most memorable appearances on the Absolute Best TV Series of all time: " Hawaii Five--O ". On the episode " Blind Tiger " [ as Edith Lavallo ], a special nurse who attended to Jack Lord's Steve Mc Garrett, after he was blinded by a bomb attached to his car; an iconic episode which truly showcased Marion Ross's excellent dramatic prowess! The second episode: " Air Cargo--Dial For Murder " [ as ' Anita ' ], where she unknowingly gave information { over the phone } to the bad guys which gave them the details of certain shipments they could steal and use for their own nefarious evil ends for financial profit. This episode equally displayed her dramatic expertise; to bad she wasn't equally lauded for her serious acting abilities as much as her comedic attributes. Now come on MeTV, it's way beyond the time that " Hawaii Five--O " has been missing in action on this iconic station! ! !
Wiseguy RoberttheWallace 2 months ago
Hawaii Five-0, with a zero.
RickeyMulkey 2 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
Nothing gets by you! Nice work!
Claude 2 months ago
I was acing it until the last two!
1 thru 10 I could've done with my eyes closed.
RobRacela 2 months ago
i Didn't realize she played so many i remember her playing a secuetary to stockbrokeEmergency and a doctor on the Brady Bunch.
dodgebob 2 months ago
9 of 12, I guess I guess well I guess!! 😁 😷
JoeSHill 2 months ago
While It wasn't a TV appearance, Marion Ross co-starred in Universal's "COLOSSUS: THE FORBIN PROJECT" (1969) which Joseph Sargent directed. this sci-fi thriller about a computer system that was built too perfectly had terrifying consequences for its inventor (Eric Braedon) and our country. a superior movie!
Dario 2 months ago
Wow! 11 out of 12!(I missed the last question) 😀😀😀😀😀
Barry22 2 months ago
10/12, saw a Lone Ranger where she played a daughter of a Preacher.
MikefromJersey 2 months ago
11 for 12. I saw her in a play in New Brunswick with James Whitmore, she was terrific.
MeTV guys, please bring back 77 Sunset Strip, it's light years better than Barnaby "sleeping pill"
Jones. How about Surfside Six, Hawaiian Eye, sister series to 77 Sunset Strip, fun light weight
series with beautiful casts and humor and wit.
I defy anyone to find ONE instance of wit during Barnaby's entire run, one line that caused you to
even smile, it was 4th rate junk with a star who could care less. Cookie cutter crud.
daDoctah MikefromJersey 2 months ago
Pretty sure I saw her several times when I binge-watched "Mannix" last year.
GregLemieux 2 months ago
12/12. Didn't recognize them all; had to reason out a few. (MacGyver just seemed to have the right film quality.) On the last one, I knew one of the answers wasn't a daytime drama, and I didn't recognize the other two so I just picked the one with the more legitimate sounding title. Disappointed they didn't use her guest shot on Hawaii Five-O. Very memorable performance in that one.
Wiseguy GregLemieux 2 months ago
Hawaii Five-0 with a zero.
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