Can you I.D. all these celebrity guest stars on The Monkees?

Which famous actress was just a girl they knew somewhere?

On The Monkees, it's been rumored the cast could bring on any guest they liked.

What resulted was a wacky run of celebrity guest stars, from famous rockers to major movie stars.

Think you can name every famous face you saw messin' around on The Monkees? Good luck!
  1. We saw this actor on The Monkees way before he joined the cast of which hit show?
  2. This TV star actually brought his character from one 1960s series onto the Monkees. Which TV show is this character from?
  3. Which early sitcom's cast do you recognize this actor from?
  4. Here's a child star who showed up on The Monkees. Which show is he from?
  5. It was a shock to see this famous musician take an ax to his instruments on The Monkees:
  6. You probably recognize this Monkees guest star as his famous recurring character on which sitcom?
  7. On The Monkees, all four boys fell for this famous actress who played a major role in which series?
  8. This actor showed up three different times on The Monkees, but you likely recognize him as the boss on which workplace sitcom?
  9. You may not know her face, but this actor voiced which famous cartoon character?
  10. Here's some classic Monkees comedy. This musician appeared on The Monkees dressed as Mike Nesmith and did a scene with Nesmith dressed as him:

Can you I.D. all these celebrity guest stars on The Monkees?

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Mike 24 months ago
9/10 and missed the cartoon voiceover also.
Debbie 25 months ago
9/10. Missed the cartoon voiceover one.
Snickers 33 months ago
9 out of 10.# 9 was phoney. How are you supposed to know what cartoon voice she was when you have never seen her face?
RedSamRackham 59 months ago
It was indeed a silly sitcom despite great guest stars BUT we watched it weekly because we loved their music & it was indeed fun to watch. Loved when they'd walk off the set into a room full of program's writers (Chinese guys seated at typewriters) to better understand show's plot. Goofy as it was the sitcom laughed at itself as we laughed with it. ☺
Geronimo 65 months ago
I know my Monkees trivia.............
thedude1500 65 months ago
Frank Zappa does a great scene in the Monkee's movie "Head" as a critic with a cow:
RedSamRackham thedude1500 59 months ago
* We expected HEAD to be a feature length Monkees episode but instead it was something truly creative in a surrealistic way! Absolutely worth watching even today on home video. ☺
Diane 65 months ago
That was cruddy asking a voice question ! That stinks guys ! I mean really ??
Lacey 65 months ago
10/10 though I had to guess at #9. Fortunately I know who did the voices of two of the three characters and she was not them.
Diane Lacey 65 months ago
As did many of us, I would imagine ! lol I chose Judy Jetson. I kind of thought she resembled her more than the others. (As if that had anything to do with it) It wasn't a fair question. 😊
Debbie Diane 25 months ago
I also guessed on this one and chose Judy Jetson
MrBill 65 months ago
9/10; I too missed #9 - I never heard of Heather North.
Lacey MrBill 65 months ago
Most of the time the voice actors were silent stars, with no publicity at all.
csaaphill 65 months ago
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CarrieMcCourt 65 months ago
9/10 Missed #9
Bobbo CarrieMcCourt 65 months ago
Same here. I don’t think #9 was fair.
csaaphill 65 months ago
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I get it though it is a one time cost for free TV, and then you get decent channels for free, but still!
Lacey csaaphill 65 months ago
THEN there is the cost of the TV !!! OMG I agree with you. I am going over to YouTube and learn how to make a Foxhole Crystal Set and just listen to stuff for free.
csaaphill 65 months ago
10 out of ten but looked up the voice over one so technically would have been 9/10 which is still good lol.
Lacey csaaphill 65 months ago
You took an open book quiz on METV ?
cperrynaples Lacey 65 months ago
Anyone remember when I did the rating quiz...LOL!!!
ndebrabant 65 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Hey, hey! Even the toughest disguises couldn't fool you!
VBartilucci 65 months ago
No love for Stan Freberg? Or Henry Corden, the second voice of Fred Flintstone? Or Rip Taylor?

I could go on.
cperrynaples VBartilucci 65 months ago
Yes, and Stephanie did Freberg inspire the "dummy" in the living room?
RedSamRackham cperrynaples 59 months ago
* GOP candidate Wallace Johnson who ran (& lost) election for Mayor of Chicago in late 1970s against Jane Byrne looked like that dummy in Monkees' living room. ☺
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