Can you identify the show from these Christmas episode moments?

Ho ho hold on a minute, what show is THAT?!

Nothing rings in the holiday season quite like a Christmas episode. Whether you tune into something new or revisit a classic on TV, Christmas episodes are a tried-and-true way to kick your Yuletide cheer up a notch. 

So how well do you recall these shows and their holiday half-hours? We'll show you just one frame from a Christmas episode, you name the series. Be sure to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below.

Good luck, have fun, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Can you identify the show from these Christmas episode moments?

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csonka71 2 months ago
3/10. Very disappointed in myself. Looks like I'm signing up for MeTV Summer School. Lol.
Dan 2 months ago
Bad photo’s. You could do better MeTV.
Toot1956 2 months ago
4/10, #3 Metv and TV Land have edited Andy Griffith so much never seen the photo before.
Crisco 2 months ago
I thought I would do really good on this one.but did terrible. 4/10.i really thought the The Twilight Zone for#2 and Andy Griffith for #3
Southerngirl2022 2 months ago
5/10 - Hey mac, maybe your shoes are on a little too tight.
Tigerboo 2 months ago
6/10 not very good. I thought I knew my Christmas 🎅🏼 🎄episodes. Oh—Well hopefully I’ll do better on next quiz. 😊
Wendy57 2 months ago
I thought #4 was the moon from Bewitched.
I didn’t do too well on this one.👎
JHP 2 months ago

c/mon with #6 - i thought sure it was green acres

some super difficult and some super super easy
Crisco JHP 2 months ago
Yeah Right!
SparkleMotion 2 months ago
5/10. And..I got #5 correct, but what the heck is going on in that photo?
Wendy57 SparkleMotion 2 months ago
Wiping the frost off of the window glass ????? Not sure
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