Can you name the band that backed these 1960s musical acts?

Will you be "Dancing in the Street" over your score?

In the 1960s, the Motown Sound was just getting started and some of its biggest players had some of the longest band names. 

Unlike The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, these acts often had famous singers and frontmen who'd stick their own name on the front of the name and then name his or her band according to their own style. 

Below, we've removed just the band from the names of music acts from the Sixties and given you a clue to their biggest hit songs. It's up to you to plug the right band in to complete the name correctly every time. 

"Everyday People" need not apply, but giant '60s fans will fly right through it. Good luck!
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  1. Their hit "Everyday People" was their first single to go to No. 1: Sly & ___________________
  2. They had plenty of '60s hits, but in 1973, you'll remember they took "Midnight Train to Georgia" to the top of the charts: Gladys Knight & ___________________
  3. They helped us learn the hard lesson "No Woman No Cry": Bob Marley & ___________________
  4. Their song "Kicks" was dubbed by Rolling Stone as one of the greatest songs of all time: Paul Revere & ___________________
  5. Their "Monster Mash" gets revived year after year around Halloween: Bobby Boris Pickett & ___________________
  6. With hits like "Hanky Panky" and "Crimson and Clover," every '60s fan knows: Tommy James & ___________________
  7. Plenty of scorned hearts pounded to the beat of their hit "This Diamond Ring": Gary Lewis & ___________________
  8. Their song "Peppermint Twist" knocked Chubby Checkers' twist off the charts: Joey Dee & ___________________
  9. They were the first to send "Dancing in the Street" up the charts, but Bowie and Mick joined forces in the mid-'80s to do it, too: Martha & ___________________
  10. Their late 1950s hit "Tears on My Pillow" ensured they'd be a huge Sixties act, and sure enough, they ended up in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Little Anthony & ___________________
  11. Their song "Wooly Bully" is actually about the singer's cat: Sam & ___________________
  12. Their song "96 Tears" was so popular, they put the same name on their debut album: ? & ___________________
Can you name the band that backed these 1960s musical acts?

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EllisClevenger 3 months ago
You got 11 out of 12
Take to the streets and celebrate your score Vandellas style!
I got #6 wrong.
Terrence 4 months ago
This quiz stumped me.............................8/12
mike3316 4 months ago
Bah! Got 11/12 :-( Bobby Boris Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers (I picked Crypt-Keepers).
Barry22 4 months ago
The Bass Player from Grand Funk Railroad, Mel Schrafer (sp?) was in ? and The Mysterians.
CatMomWanda 4 months ago
12/12. Cruised right through that one.
booster 4 months ago
11/12 Missed the last one. #11 should be Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs.. Not just Sam and the Pharaohs.
Don 4 months ago
"Happy Days" made a mistake with its 1978 Halloween episode. Richie's played "Monster Mash" in Arnold's, and the episode was set in the late 1950s. The song was released in 1962!
Barry22 4 months ago
11/12, missed the crypt kickers.
stephaniestavropoulos 4 months ago
11/12. Wooly Bully was recorded by SAM THE SHAM AND THE PHARAOHS, not SAM AND THE PHARAOHS. They also recorded LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD & HAUNTED HOUSE.
and "The Hair on my Chinny Chin Chin."
daDoctah harlow1313 4 months ago
And the greatest kiss-off song ever, "I Couldn't Spell #@!%":

(At least until Nilsson came along and did "You're Breaking My Heart".)
ndebrabant 4 months ago
Can you name the band that backed these 1960s musical acts?

You got 11 out of 12
Take to the streets and celebrate your score Vandellas style!
cperrynaples 4 months ago
12/12! technically, the Crypt-Kickers weren't Pickett's back-up band, that was just a reference in "Monster Mash"!
"Technically," that is correct. Before he recorded MONSTER MASH, BBP sang with a band called THE CORDIALS.
Randall cperrynaples 4 months ago
Would have had a perfect score if l had just remembered to kick the crypt !
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