Can you name the best-selling albums of the 1970s by the cover artwork alone?

Pick the top seller, year by year.

The Seventies delivered classic album after classic album. But only one record can sit atop the sales chart at the end of the year.

We grabbed a chunk of the cover from the top album in America from each year of the 1970s. 

A true '70s music aficionado can make it from 1970 to 1979 without an error. See if you can do it!
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  1. This record was the best-selling album of 1970. What is it?
  2. This musical soundtrack became the best-selling album of 1971. What was it?
  3. Who released this LP, the best-selling album of 1972?
  4. This band declared 'The World Is a Ghetto' with this, the best-selling album of 1973.
  5. Who is this on the cover of the best-selling album of 1974?
  6. Who is this on the cover of the best-selling album of 1975?
  7. This rock classic soared to become the best-selling album of 1976.
  8. This Fleetwood Mac masterpiece was the best-selling album of 1977.
  9. This soundtrack topped the charts for 24 straight weeks, becoming the best-selling album of 1978.
  10. What was the name of this Billy Joel platter, the best-selling album of 1979?
Can you name the best-selling albums of the 1970s by the cover artwork alone?

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Wurdalak 25 days ago
subjective foolish questions !
where were deep purple CCR grand funk frank zappa?
EllisClevenger 7 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
You truly live in a Boogie Wonderland. Here's a gold record for your efforts!
Now I have TEN earworms going at once. Somebody, HELP.
(Oh Lord, now it's 11. How did the Beatles get in there?)
Allison 7 months ago
8/10 Missed the Jesus Christ Superstar one and the Neil Young one.
Allison Allison 7 months ago
I had Rumours and 52nd St albums.
Tresix 7 months ago
9/10. Misread the Fleetwood Mac question. The only album (actually, cassette) I had of these was "Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road". Though it's not a concept album, I think it could make a good movie.
djw1120 Tresix 7 months ago
Unless I miss my guess, didn't Elton John sing "Good-bye Yellow Brick Road"?
EllisClevenger djw1120 7 months ago
You guess right. The partial album cover is used for Question #5.
Barry22 7 months ago
10/10, had everyone of these albums.
AndrewHass 7 months ago
I was 3/10.
djw1120 AndrewHass 7 months ago
You must not have listened to too much music that decade.
MrsPhilHarris 7 months ago
Missed War.
I wasn't sure about this one. I never listened to War, at least intentionally. I remember listening to the radio in my room at night, and when "Time Has Come Today" got to that part with just the ticking clock and the guys yelling "Time!" it scared the heck out of me.
Chambers Brothers. Just sayin'.
Amalthea MrsPhilHarris 26 days ago
I have to admit that this was the only one where I needed to actually read the hint to get, but I knew the song, so I got it right. (10/10)
Bret 7 months ago
7/10 Missed #10 and I shouldn't have.
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