Can you name these classic video game consoles from the 1970s to the early 2000s?

The video game console era now spans across five decades.

It's hard to believe the first gaming console that was released in the United States debuted 50 years ago! 

The 1970s brought us the first true video game consoles while the 1980s continued to pave the way for what was a video game boom in the 1990s. 

Do you recall what your first game console was and can you remember the big names?

Whether these classic consoles came out over 40 years ago or 20, and whether it used a cartridge or a disc, each one listed below can certaily bring back the memories of several age groups that played, bought and gifted them. 

Now the question is: Can you name all of them? 

  1. This console started it all in the early 1970s.
  2. What console is this girl playing?
  3. This console revolutionized the industry, making its creator a household name in the video game world.
  4. This iconic handheld console sold ''close to 120 million units during its lifetime'' according to Business Insider.
  5. This SEGA console was the company's bestseller, with nearly 30 million units sold.
  6. The controller belonged to which classic video game console?
  7. What was the name of this console/controller combo?
  8. This system hit the shelves in 1996, sporting a more complex controller, featuring three places to grip!
  9. What SEGA console is featured here?
  10. Microsoft got into the video game console industry with this system's debut in 2001.
  11. Which Nintendo system features this unique shape?
  12. With its small size, you could take this console and play video games on the go! Which is it?
  13. This portable console could easily fit into your pocket and featured multiple generations.
  14. This motion-detected console was a hit not only for kids, but for the whole family.

Can you name these classic video game consoles from the 1970s to the early 2000s?

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russhowe57 3 days ago
Missed four. Stopped playing games in 1987. Mostly guessing
vinman63 6 days ago
Nintendo WIi is what ME 2000 was to Microsoft
Steve67 10 days ago
11/14 - I was not much of a gamer so better than I expected
Robert 12 days ago
My Favorite Video Game System Is The Nintendo NES.
hermanstein2015 14 days ago
12/14 Nintendo 64 will always be my favorite. Mario 64 was the cats!!
RichLorn 14 days ago
I have never been much into TV gaming. But in the bowels of my basement still resides the Fairchild game system with about 7 or 8 game cartridges, still in working order (with an analog TV). It was gifted to me in the early '70s and was the first system to use a microprocessor.
kirkindog 14 days ago
11/14. Either owned or bought for my kids most of these systems. Btw, I was NEVER a gamer.

graceful1970 15 days ago
You got 10 out of 14
Were you able name these classic gaming consoles, or did you glitch on a few? Either way, be sure to mash that share button!
jimmyvici 15 days ago
Only missed the first one 🤦‍♂️
KawiVulc 15 days ago
11/14... where I lived a lot of people called the Atari 2600 games "tapes" apparently because they resembled 8-track cartridges. The only games I actually ever played much were Boogerman & Vectorman on the Sega Genesis our son had 20 some years ago... actually finished Boogerman, kinda gross but good fun!
LalaLucy 15 days ago
10/14. My kids play Playstation and Wii but, overall, more familiar with the older systems. I had my few games I enjoyed but never was a hard core gamer.
tezak 15 days ago
That looks nothing like a Magnavox Odyssey
mapman1071 tezak 15 days ago
proto of original produced in 1968
mpatrick 15 days ago
11 out of 14. Amazing since I didn't own any of them. Never was a gamer, except for baseball, basketball, football, hockey, tennis, golf - outside! Talk about old school
pacmancdi 15 days ago
I got 14 out of 14. I still have and play about half of these
TSeym22 15 days ago
12/14 I'm surprised. I only actuaaly played with three of them.
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