Can you spot the one thing wrong in these Wagon Train scenes?

Some intruders from other shows have wandered into this Western!

Every wagon train had a scout, and Wagon Train was no different. To be a scout, it sure helped to have eagle eyes and a just a good gut feeling for something going amiss.

Well, put those skills to use below. There is something wrong — just one thing — in each of these scenes from the gorgeous color episodes of Wagon Train

See if you can spot them all! Good luck!
  1. Find something that does not belong in this picture.
  2. Hey, it's Ronald Reagan! Spot something wrong in his scene.
  3. Sidle up to the bar and spot something wrong in this saloon.
  4. Giddy up! Hurry and find something wrong here.
  5. Peter Falk! See if you can find "just one more thing" wrong in this image!
  6. Intruder alert! An uninvited character from which show has wandered into this scene?
  7. Bet you can find something wrong in this card game.
  8. Our sensors seem to picking up a character from Star Trek. Which one?
  9. A character from another show is hiding in the pack. Which one?
  10. There's a prop from a popular sitcom hiding in this scene. Which show?
  11. Finally, a memorable prop from which sitcom is hiding in this action scene?
Can you spot the one thing wrong in these Wagon Train scenes?

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MrBill 1 month ago
11/11; I got all of them correct even though I have never seen Wagon Train.
BettyMcauliff 1 month ago
only got 6/11,I couldnt see that well
garykevinware 1 month ago
I have no interest in Wagon Train, color or otherwise. Bring back the other half hour of The Rifleman.
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