Can you tell the difference between Gunsmoke and Bonanza?

These long-running Westerns have many similarities. Can you tell them apart?

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Gunsmoke and Bonanza are two of the most iconic Westerns in television history. Though very different in subject matter, they both brought action, humor and (usually doomed) romance to the small screen.

How well do you know these to classic favorites? Guess which of these questions applies to each show. Watch out, some could be about both!

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  1. Which show started in the 1950s and ended in the 1970s?
  2. Which show takes place in Kansas?
  3. Which show revolves around the Cartwright family?
  4. Which show started in black and white?
  5. Michael Landon appeared on this show.
  6. Which show originally aired on NBC?
  7. This show was based on a radio program with the same name.
  8. Amanda Blake appeared on this show.
  9. One of the actors owned a restaurant chain named after which show?
  10. Which show started with half-hour episodes?
  11. Pernell Roberts appeared on this show.
  12. Which show had a main character whose given first name was Eric?
  13. Sheriff Coffee laid down the law on which show?
  14. Which show premiered on TV first?
  15. The star of this show appeared alongside David Ogden Stiers and Alec Baldwin in the 1987 TV movie 'The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory.'

Can you tell the difference between Gunsmoke and Bonanza?

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dazeofwine 1 month ago
12/15. Can't stand those BOTH answers.
grandpa5741 1 month ago
12 of 15, Miss Kitty was so hot, love me some kitty.😎
2016jessica 2 months ago
Michael Landon was in an episode of Gunsmoke. Miss Landers from Beaver broke him out of jail.
ironman2000 2 months ago
14 of 15, missed the last question because I never even heard of that TV movie. Good question.
Peter_Falk_Fan 2 months ago
12/15 The 'both' answer got me a couple of times.
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