Did these classic TV stars use their given names or stage names?

Were Denver and Alda on their birth certificates?

If you started a television career, would you use your given name? Some actors had little choice — the studios forced a stage name on them. Other stars were fortunate enough to turn their birth name into a household name.


Below, we've gathered some pairs from classic TV. Let's see if you can tell (or remember) if they were billed under the given name or a stage name. Good luck!

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  1. Let's begin on Gilligan's Island. Is Bob Denver his given name?
  2. Is Tina Louise her given name?
  3. We move to the Brady Bunch. Is Robert Reed his given name?
  4. Is Eve Plumb her given name?
  5. Let's visit the 4077th. Is Alan Alda his given name?
  6. Is Jamie Farr his given name?
  7. We now visit the Ponderosa. Is Michael Landon his given name?
  8. Is Dan Blocker his given name?
  9. Time for some sharp criminal minds. Is Peter Falk his given name?
  10. Is Raymond Burr his given name?
  11. Welcome to Dodge City. Is Ken Curtis his given name?
  12. Is Amanda Blake her given name?
  13. We end with two Angels. Is Cheryl Ladd her given name?
  14. Is Kate Jackson her given name?

Did these classic TV stars use their given names or stage names?

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DIGGER1 10 months ago
Did these classic TV stars use their given names or stage names?
You got 14 out of 14
Impressive! Perhaps you should change your name to "Ace"!
CyndiM 26 months ago
I missed Ken Curtis and Kate Jackson. So, 12 out of 14 -- not too shabby.
MrBill 26 months ago
9/14; had to guess a lot - most were from shows I do not watch that often.
JeffTanner 26 months ago
''You got 10 out of 14'' ---------Impressive! Perhaps you should change your name to ''Ace''!
BrittReid 26 months ago
Ginger Grant Blacker. 10/14...
MrsPhilHarris 26 months ago
8/14 I didn't really pay attention and clicked some of the wrong ones by mistake.
DouglasMorris 26 months ago
10/14! missed numbers 6, 11, 12, and 13.
Lantern 26 months ago
I would have thought that Dan Blocker was a stage name for sure! (It certainly described him.)
anthony 26 months ago
8/14.Thought I would do better.
JudithReboy 26 months ago
Cheryl Ladd was the Angel's MARRIED name, not stage name. However, she did use one when she was one of Josie's Pussycats, Cherie Moor.
She was also billed as Cheryl Stopplemore when she appeared on The Partridge Family.
I think on Happy Days too.
stagebandman JudithReboy 26 months ago
Beat me to it. Someone didn't do their research.
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