Do you remember the Brady Bunch episode ''Getting Davy Jones''?

Marcia meets her teen idol!

Can you imagine meeting your teen idol? Would you swoon? Scream? Marcia remains remarkably composed. Well, aside from the lying, undercover sneaking and scheming. 

"Getting Davy Jones" remains one of the most beloved episodes of The Brady Bunch, in some part because it welcomed another icon of the era. 

Let's see if you have what it takes to be the president of the fan club. Can you remember these details?

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  1. Davy Jones is best known as the singer for which Sixties pop band?
  2. What does Marcia keep framed from Davy Jones?
  3. Marcia wants to get Davy Jones to perform at what school event?
  4. What single does Davy Jones sing in the episode?
  5. Tina Andrews makes her TV debut as Marcia's friend. What is her character's name?
  6. What is the name of Marcia's teacher, played by Marcia Wallace (The Bob Newhart Show)?
  7. Mike is mad that someone has cut what out of the newspaper?
  8. Britt Leach guest stars in the episode. Who does he play?
  9. Davy Jones is staying in which hotel?
  10. Marcia and ________ pose as room service to get to Davy's hotel room.
  11. Marcia learns that Davy Jones is in town to appear on what television show?
  12. Peter pretends to be the manager of what fake band to reach Davy Jones?
  13. Marcia learns that Davy Jones is currently recording in which studio?

Do you remember the Brady Bunch episode ''Getting Davy Jones''?

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WordsmithWorks 13 days ago
12/13. Missed Marcia's friend's name.
DIGGER1 13 days ago
Do you remember the Brady Bunch episode ''Getting Davy Jones''?
You got 12 out of 13
What a sunshine day! You did it! Groovy!
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and see what it's all about. I'm getting ready to write a new O.P.(original post), and post it on there for everyone to read, so while you're logging on and reading the very first O.P., be on the look-out for the new one, okie-dokie?
JanFresh 27 days ago
I literally just watched this episode, which means I should have done a lot better.
MikefromJersey 1 month ago
6 for 13. I have never seen a Brady Bunch episode, so I just guessed. I don't even know
which daughter is Marcia and which is Ginger or Maryanne.
Daizy531 1 month ago
12/13.. What a Sunshine day..
kkvegas Daizy531 27 days ago
Me too. I just didn't know the name of Marcia's friend.
Dario 1 month ago
9 out of 13! Not bad! 👍😀
JewelsChuck 1 month ago
12/13 I got the one about Pete wrong!
dictracy 1 month ago
If you're talking monkees music, take a minute to listen to their Christmas classic ....sung acapella..... Rui Chui
mdit21 1 month ago
After dropping three questions, I decided to not continue. I figured I didn't have what it takes to be the president of the Davy Jones fan club (and throw in I'm not an expert on the "Brady Bunch" too).
Dario mdit21 1 month ago
CaroleThorpe 1 month ago
You got 13 out of 13
What a sunshine day! You did it! Groovy
David 1 month ago
You got 13 out of 13
What a sunshine day! You did it! Groovy!
Geronimo 1 month ago
You would think as much as I watched this episode I would get a perfect score.
kkvegas Geronimo 27 days ago
I thought the same thing, but I missed the name of Marcia's friend.
olddogg 1 month ago
Nope! I wasn't into the teeny-bopper scene or the Bunch. Nobody lived like that...not in the real world. Too sugary sweet for my taste. But, whatever makes your groovy boat float.
KellyShort 1 month ago
You got 8 out of 13
all guesses
Mosby722 KellyShort 1 month ago
That's what I got but I haven't seen it since it originally aired. I think It's a groovy score considering. LOL
Inrodwetrust 1 month ago
I didn’t really like the monkeys tv show but I must admit they do have a couple of good songs.
Geronimo Inrodwetrust 1 month ago
A couple of good songs? All of them were number one hits!
The show was awesome!
Even Headquarters, their first solo lp, was #1 for a week before SGT Pepper replaced. Check out the Monkees romp from I think the first episode of the second season "Nice Place To Visit." Look closely, and you can see Davy holding a copy of SP. {Or is it HQ? UHH!! I know it's one of them. Been a while since I've seen it.}
Inrodwetrust Geronimo 1 month ago
Remember music is like art it’s subjective to the person’s preference. Imo I only liked a few of their songs again just my opinion. And I am not one to like a song simply because it’s ranked #1. Lots of #1 hits are garbage. I also think the beetles are overrated. Again just my opinion so don’t go ripping me apart for the way I feel. This is still America and I have the right to feel the way I do even if it’s not the popular choice.
ReidDavis Inrodwetrust 1 month ago
It's BEATLES with an "A"...just for "the record" (pardon the pun), it's been spelled that way since around 1960/1961.
Martin Inrodwetrust 1 month ago
Check out the Monkees movie, HEAD sometime. It's like the TV show but with darker humor.
Inrodwetrust ReidDavis 1 month ago
Damn spellcheck strikes again. Lol
Inrodwetrust 1 month ago
Lmao 4/13 guess I don’t remember
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