Do you remember the original names of these brands?

Some brand names might sound like they were randomly picked out of a hat.

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What makes a brand unique? Well, many factors are involved, but the most important is its name. Many of the brands we know and love today were named something completely different than what they are now. Some of the name changes were made to shorten the original version, but most were changed entirely.

Do you remember the original names of these brands?

NOTE: These brands have existed for decades, so many have undergone multiple name changes. By original name, we mean the very first name the brand had.

  1. What was Google originally named?
  2. What was Instagram originally named?
  3. What was Pepsi originally named?
  4. What was Subway originally named?
  5. What was Best Buy originally named?
  6. What was Starbucks originally named?
  7. What was eBay originally named?
  8. What was Yahoo! originally named?
  9. What was PayPal originally named?
  10. What was Target originally named?

Do you remember the original names of these brands?

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Coldnorth 1 month ago
0/10. First quiz I scored a 0. Never heard of any of them
HansShultz1 2 months ago
I vas on gard dooty, Idint no.
RobertK 2 months ago
2 of 10, and I guessed on every single one! Good thing I wasn't playing this quiz for money!
TheSentinel 2 months ago
4/10 - Only got Pepsi, Subway, Best Buy (whose pre-Best Buy logo resembles the Atlantic Records logo) and Yahoo!.
Greeklover 2 months ago
6/10. I thought I would score 0 until I started picking the silliest and least logical choice.
oldmoe51 2 months ago
3/10 I’m old enough to have been grown we these products where created but I don’t remember any of these names.
daDoctah 2 months ago
Time for some fun. Head over to Google (or Alphabet Inc., as I hear it's now calling itself) and look up the original brand name for Q-Tips.
Matsui 2 months ago
Here's the moment of truth. You got 10 out of 10. Easy.
retro6 2 months ago
3/10 learned some new things today
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