Form your own supergroup out of your favorite musicians and we'll tell you your band name

Be honest, you've probably already got a band name idea in your head right now.


Today's quiz is complete and total wish fulfillment as we give you the opportunity to combine the best with the best. Here's the plan: Take your favorite musician out of each category to form an amazing musical supergroup, and we'll give you a band name to go with.

Sounds simple, right? WRONG. Although these musicians are independently awesome, be extra careful as you go through the quiz to make sure your choices will mesh well in a band with your previous choices, just to make sure everyone is singing in harmony.

  1. Choose a lead singer
  2. Choose a lead guitarist
  3. Choose a backup singer
  4. Choose a bass player
  5. Choose a drummer
  6. Choose a manager
  7. Choose a keyboardist
  8. What kind of music are you playing?
  9. Choose another guitarist
  10. Are you guys including a brass section

Form your own supergroup out of your favorite musicians and we'll tell you your band name

Your Result...

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327053 8 months ago
Band name: Gentle Breeze 🤔
I wonder if that’s because all the ones
I chose were fans of earthly products and scents. 😄
JoyceR 8 months ago
Plaster pasture experience. How did I get that?
thompsonmbkm 8 months ago
Also, even according to John Lennon, Ringo wasn't the best drummer in the Beatles
thompsonmbkm 8 months ago
You were missing most of the great band lead guitarists, and only offered Hammett as secondary. No John Paul Jones on bass, No Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn
Ready2go 8 months ago
Gentle Breeze. I suppose that that is better than Pull My Finger!
buddywyzer 8 months ago
Canine what's a canine I as I knew, you would never get Black oak Arkansas
buddywyzer 8 months ago
With these choices you will never, ever guess my band
JHP buddywyzer 8 months ago
chicago? I really am a fan of that one
Stringergirl 8 months ago
Umm… mine said my bands name is a collection of every band members last name! So…Mercury, Prince, Dylan, Harrison, Moon, Preston and Rhoads! 😂
MichaelHall 8 months ago
Paul McCarthy played bass! John E. On bass is a tinge of early hard rock.
Plant and Cline 2 opposite but great voices. Carlos and Prince could have been “the bomb” combo on guitar. On the 88’s… #2-Billy Preston, since #1 “The Piano Man” wasn’t an option.
On drums… nobody but Richard Starkey!
LarryMMM 8 months ago
This quiz had the bass player and extra guitarist wrong, should have Paul McCartney as a bass player and George Harrison as the extra guitarist...
cheduff 8 months ago
“Gentle Breeze” sounds like it’s a polite stink bomb!
IndianaRockz 8 months ago
Gentle Breeze

A fabric softener name.

So my fake band is just a bunch of softies with zero static.

(get it???)
JHP IndianaRockz 8 months ago
I am with ya fer sure!
igaveyoumyfakename 8 months ago
Milli Vanilli. LoL.
igaveyoumyfakename & theygaveyoufakesinging
JimmyAngel 8 months ago
Twin lead guitars Duane and Dickey bass Jack Bruce drummer Ginger Baker lead vocals Gregg Allman and Hammond organ electric piano Chuck Leavall
ironman2000 8 months ago
Gentle Breeze
JHP ironman2000 8 months ago
wonder if that is after a dinner of Taco Bell
JHP ironman2000 8 months ago
always liked seals and crofts:) (I know it's not the name of their song)
ironman2000 JHP 8 months ago
It rhymes with Summer Breeze.
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