How many seasons do these Western shows have?

Some Western series were on for a decade; others barely made it to four seasons.

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There was once a time when the Western genre ruled the television world, topping ratings and capturing bad guys along the way.

Imagine being in the West with Hoss Cartwright or Paladin. You'd probably experience some of the wildest moments of your life, but it would be a fun ride. Depending on how many seasons the Westerns had, you could've been on missions for one season or more. 

Are you a huge fan of the West? Take this quiz and see if you know how many seasons these classic Westerns have.

Good luck!

  1. How many seasons does Wanted: Dead or Alive have?
  2. How many seasons does The Wild Wild West have?
  3. How many seasons does Wagon Train have?
  4. How many seasons does Rawhide have?
  5. How many seasons does The Rifleman have?
  6. How many seasons does Have Gun - Will Travel have?
  7. How many seasons does Gunsmoke have?
  8. How many seasons does Bonanza have?
  9. How many seasons does The Big Valley have?

How many seasons do these Western shows have?

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