How well do you know when Sammy Davis Jr. visited All in the Family?

This episode is considered one of the greatest moments in TV history. How well do you remember it?

To say Sammy Davis Jr's visit to the Bunkers in All in the Family was TV history would be an understatement. The episode "Sammy's Visit" was nominated for two Emmys and won one for outstanding directing. The laughter at the end of the episode, spurred by the famous kiss, went on for so long that it had to be drastically cut down for broadcast. Today, it's the top-rated episode of the whole series on IMDb with a 9.2 out of 10.

How well do you remember this classic moment in TV history?

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  1. What question does Edith ask when Archie tells her to guess who he drove in his cab?
  2. What does Sammy give Archie after the cab ride?
  3. What does Archie say they talked about during the cab ride?
  4. Archie says the difference between Sammy Davis Jr. and their neighbor, Lionel Jefferson, is "ten million dollars and..."
  5. What does Archie tell Edith not to mention when Sammy arrives?
  6. What misconception does Sammy have while being introduced to the Bunkers?
  7. What does Archie open up a fresh box of for Sammy?
  8. Sammy Davis Jr. tells Archie not to call him "Mr. Davis", but....
  9. Where is Sammy flying out to after visiting the Bunkers?
  10. What song do Mike, Gloria, and Lionel start singing while Archie and Sammy are talking?

How well do you know when Sammy Davis Jr. visited All in the Family?

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Tanisha32 1 month ago
10/10 Of course! One of my all time favorite shows and episodes.
narcoossee 2 months ago
One of the best episode of ALL tv shows
BorisK narcoossee 1 month ago
Really? I mean, it was good, but there are countless others. What is coloring your decision to give such high praise?
JohnGibbons 2 months ago
First time I’ve ever seen the n word edited out of this episode
cperrynaples JohnGibbons 2 months ago
Well, I believe Classy Comedy does the same thing with Sanford & Son! After all, Redd Foxx is entitled to say that word! One of his writers was Richard Pryor and you know what he said! There's a memorable appearance on Dinah Shore promoting That N-----'s Crazy!
Tresix 2 months ago
7/10. What episode was it where Edith asked “Vegetable, mineral, or animal”? I remember Archie replied “Neither, it’s a person” and Mike said “Then it’s animal” and Archie says “We’re not talkin’ about you”.
JHP 2 months ago
don't know don't care - great show - another ratings ferret/squirrel nut diggins for Me-Tv and yet..

Love All in the Family
Mistertelvison 2 months ago
Just because I got Ten Questions right it doesn't make Sammy Davis Jr to stop by because he is already Dead
What are you saying? The episode was shot 2 decades before his death! Rob & Sally are the only ones still alive! And remember Archie told Edith he drove a cab,not a hearse!
Rob 2 months ago
3/10. All guesses. I can’t even remember if I’ve ever seen the actual episode. I’ve seen the kiss scene, but I don’t remember anything else.
Coldnorth Rob 2 months ago
Same thing happened to me
jackbennyfan 2 months ago
I got 10/10. I got lucky on #7. Box of Twinkies sparked a memory. Loved this episode.
bru 2 months ago
Back in the day, this episode was one of the best AITF, the other is when Edith dies and the reaction of Archie. Also remember when he & Mike was locked in the basement; shoe-booty story from Archie.
mugens bru 2 months ago
I always liked the episode when Edith developed menopause.
cperrynaples mugens 2 months ago
"Edith, you got 5 minutes to change, so go on and change!" Classic Archie!
bru 2 months ago
I think of this episode everytime I eat a Twinkie
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