Only a television expert can guess what all these TV terms mean

What is a "clip show" anyway?

Many industries have their own terminology and television is no different. While some words have become common lingo, others aren't well known outside the business.

Here are 15 words that are related to television in some way. Can you properly define each one?

  1. Prime time
  2. Marathon
  3. Sitcom
  4. Spin-off
  5. Miniseries
  6. Pilot
  7. Recap
  8. Procedural
  9. Cold open
  10. Infomercial
  11. Cliffhanger
  12. Simulcast
  13. Bumper
  14. Clip show
  15. Hot switch

Only a television expert can guess what all these TV terms mean

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AnnieMae 6 days ago
I got 12 out of 15
Proud of myself
Runeshaper 6 days ago
You got 11 out of 15
You proceeded through that marathon quiz in prime time!

MadMadMadWorld 7 days ago
13/15. Wow, that was terrific! I learned two more tv terms I never heard of before after watching television for 60 years! #8 (Procedural) and #9 Cold Open. Thanks, MeTV, you give great quizzes for us to learn new things!
Lacey 7 days ago
15/15 and WOW, I had to guess at the last one. I figured I knew the answer but you know METV, they like to slip in zingers.
John 7 days ago
15/15 My first perfect score in a while. Comes from spending too much time actually READING the articles in TV Guide.
MeTvEr 8 days ago
Got 'em all. Dang! I think I watched too much TV growing up.
daDoctah 8 days ago
15/15. This could have been tougher. For instance, what's a "box episode"?
John daDoctah 7 days ago
A "box" episode, sometimes also called a "bottle" episode, is when a program that normally takes place in multiple locations or on multiple sets, does an entire episode on a single set, usually with a plot that explains why the characters can't leave the location. Variations include the "trapped in an elevator" episode, the interrogation/brainwashing episode, and the infamous "we're running out of money and have to do something cheap" episode.
WordsmithWorks John 4 days ago
Like the "Hawkeye" episode of MASH.
CaptainDunsel 8 days ago
"Only a television expert can guess what all these TV terms mean"

Well, if you're an "expert", then you're *not* guessing!
MandyWT 8 days ago
14/15. Didn't know what a Procedural was!
Lacey MandyWT 7 days ago
I am not sure that is the actual definition as many medical dramas have been called procedurals.
MadMadMadWorld Lacey 7 days ago
The answer said it was a law enforcement series focusing on detectives or district attorneys. One of the two I missed! "Mannix" (detective) or "Owen Marshall" (1970s legal) would be series in the Procedural category, and probably "Perry Mason" (1957-66) with Hamilton Burger as the famous D.A. in that impressive and famous legal drama.
idkwut2use 9 days ago
15/15! Always a big fan and also majored in media/film in college--and of course there's mad film/TV overlap.
geatornez82 9 days ago
14/15. I didn't know what a hot switch was.
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