Which television actors sang these Top 40 pop hits?

Talk about multitalented stars!

Some actors are an embarrassment of talent. They can make you laugh, make you cry… and make you dance.

Pop music and television took off around the same time together. No wonder there have been many crossover successes over the decades.

We've gathered a dozen of Top 40 pop hits. Pay close attention to their year. See if you can match them to the correct star, show or role!

  1. The star of which sitcom topped the charts with "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" (No. 1, 1973)?
  2. This Western actor topped the charts with "Ringo" (No. 1, 1964). You know him best as which character?
  3. Which '80s action star found a rhythm with "Heartbeat" (No. 5, 1986)?
  4. The song "Johnny Angel" (No. 1, 1962) was sung by the daughter from which sitcom… and later love interest from which sitcom?
  5. Which cast member of 'Charlie's Angels' sang "Think It Over" (No. 34, 1978)?
  6. Which Western "son" sang "Cindy's Birthday" (No. 8, 1962)?
  7. The singer of the smash "Don't Give Up on Us" (No. 1, 1976) could be seen on which action show?
  8. They sang "It's Now or Never" (No. 14, 1981) and played this popular character.
  9. This '80s star belted out "Respect Yourself" (No. 12, 1987).
  10. The singer of "Teach Me Tonight" (No. 25, 1962) could be seen on this cool TV drama at the time.
  11. Which castaway on Gilligan's Island had an unlikely hit with "Delicious" (No. 40, 1958)?
  12. Finally, this icon released a single called "Make Yourself Comfortable" (No. 26, 1955).

Which television actors sang these Top 40 pop hits?

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wbyassee 4 days ago
5 out of 12. I didn't have a clue... LOL
DavidBartholomew 6 days ago
Jim Backus had a string of Comedy recordings because of his very distinctive voice, which would easily turn into Mr Magoo. If I remember, "Delicious" was a man and a woman slowly sipping champagne and getting drunk. The only "lyric" was the word, delicious.

It might have been a follow-up to the Stan Freberg recording, "John, Marsha"
MadMadMadWorld 7 days ago
10/12. I easily got the four famous #1s (#1,2,4,7), plus #3,5,6,11, and 12. But I had to guess on #8 which I got, but missed on #9 and #10 which I don't remember hearing at all on the radio. Must have been on the Country stations. The most unlikely #1 song singers were #1 Vicki Lawrence (Spring ? 1973), and #2 Lorne Greene with "Ringo" one of my favorite talk-stories songs (in Dec. 1964). I bet many Beatles' fans thought the song was about their drums player instead of an old cowboy-outlaw legend, Johnny Ringo!
Lacey 7 days ago
Ouch. 8/12. And most of those were 1980s. I got all the 1950s ones.
John 7 days ago
I'm a little disappointed that the quiz doesn't mention "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" by Leonard Nimoy. The music video, with Nimoy, in his '60's razor-cut sideburns and turtleneck, singing while surrounded by some of the most uncoordinated go-go dancers ever filmed (wearing fake pointy ears - I'm not whether this is a reference to hobbits or Mr. Spock), is (unintentionally) hilarious.
Pacificsun John 3 days ago
Too bad there's not a link provided here.
But I think the title of the article has to do with "Pop Smashes" (as in hitting the chart).
KSquared 8 days ago
You got 12 out of 12
Did you find the "Heartbeat"… or just get beat?
Laurean 8 days ago
10/12 I shouldn't have missed the Route 66 one (George), but I kept thinking of Kooky on Sunset Strip and "Kooky, Kooky Lend me your Comb"! Where was that one anyway?
Tlor 8 days ago
4 out of 12...just 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6
the rest never heard of..
Margaret 8 days ago
12 out of 12! Amazing! I didn't know that Andy Griffith recorded "Make Yourself Comfortable " years ago.
denny 10 days ago
11/12 Missed #10. Guessed corectly on Cheryl Ladd, Backus, and Andy.
SheriHeffner 10 days ago
10 out of 112. And Heartbeat? EEEWWWWW! It was awful.
ncadams27 10 days ago
I still wonder how many people bought the Lorne Greene song Ringo because they thought it was about the Beatles drummer. It even includes the word “star”.
CaptainDunsel ncadams27 10 days ago
I wonder how many still bought a Lorne Greene recording after they heard him (along with Roberts, Blocker and Landon) sing the "Bonanza" theme. [I believe that was in the first episode.]
JHP 10 days ago
7/12 GOOD ol mamas family question (YUK!)
DouglasMorris 10 days ago
10/12! missed numbers 9 and 11 which did me in.
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