Only real history buffs will know these Ed Sullivan guests

Do you recognize these performers?

For decades, there was no better showcase for the entertainment industry than The Ed Sullivan Show. Sullivan was a star maker. An appearance on his show meant you were somebody. And a return performance meant you were a success. 

So, do you have any memories of crowding around the TV to watch The Ed Sullivan Show? Were you the type to never miss a new episode? Or did you come to these performances later in life, filling in the blanks and catching up on TV history?

Whichever way you slice it, we want to know whether you recognize these ten guests. Be sure to share your score and your memories in the comments section below!

  1. Who is this singer?
  2. What about this guy, who is he?
  3. What's the name of this comedian?
  4. Can you name this band?
  5. Do you know this guy?
  6. What about this guy?
  7. Who is this man?
  8. Who's that lady?
  9. What about her?
  10. Finally, what is this act known as?

Only real history buffs will know these Ed Sullivan guests

Your Result...

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GTStang08 7 days ago
Meh!...10/10 But that was a cheap shot MeTV for using the backside of a dancer...I mean, C'mon! How is anyone to decide that without guessing?
Ready2go 20 days ago
8/10. Don't know Gilbert Price.
bj1606 21 days ago
10 for 10 lol 😂 nostalgia yep watched ED Sullivan show when I was a kid .
LynCarrigan 21 days ago
I’m old and saw way too much Ed Sullivan.
AllisonWunderland 23 days ago
7/10…I picked “Nice and Careful” on the last one 😁
trogg888 23 days ago
Gilbert who?we never missed ed and ive never heard of that guy and as far as the knife throwing act.ed had so many novelty acts who could remember them all
jackbennyfan 23 days ago
I got 9/10. On #9 I immediately thought she was Judy Garland but after not seeing her name I knew it was Juliet Prowse. A very good dancer.
daDoctah jackbennyfan 22 days ago
If you can find it, there's a DVD of all four of the Beatles' appearances in 1964. On one of them, done outdoors in a very humid Florida summer, there's a song-and-dance routine by Joey Heatherton, who by the end of the segment is sweating profusely and breathing hard. As was I, just watching her.
gockionni 24 days ago
10/10 - what a sweet pic of Elvis! ❤️
Moverfan 24 days ago
9/10. I don't know what year that picture of Rip Taylor is from, but my God, he was just a baby!
Kramden62 Moverfan 22 days ago
Me, too. I only got the first one wrong. Couldn't tell that was Ella Fitzgerald.

Took a guess on #s 7 and 10. I never heard of them.
navydestroyer 24 days ago
Ed Sullivan guests quiz. I got 10 out of 10. Was always a big fan of his show. (We’re going to have a really, really big show.) Bob L.
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