The Mayberry Trivia Challenge: How well do you know Andy Griffith Show characters?

How well do you know Aunt Bee, Gomer, Goober, Floyd and the rest?


The 60th-anniversary celebration of The Andy Griffith Show continues. Are you a fan? Do you know Mayberry?

Let's see how your Mayberry wisdom matches up to Mayberry enthusiast and two-time world Andy Griffith Show trivia champion Mike Haviland, pictured above holding trophies.

"Mayberry Mike" wrote five rounds of questions for the ultimate fans. Put your knowledge to the test! 

Round One — How well do you know Sheriff Andy?

Round Two — How well do you know Barney Fife?

Round Three — How well do you know Opie Taylor?

It's time for Round Four — How well do you know Aunt Bee and the other citizens of Mayberry?

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  1. What was the first meal Aunt Bee prepared for Andy and Opie?
  2. Who was Gomer's favorite comic strip character?
  3. Who taught Aunt Bee how to drive a car?
  4. Who is Floyd Lawson's wife?
  5. Who was a direct descendant of the famous Revolutionary War hero Nathan Tibbs?
  6. In "The Beauty Contest," who did Aunt Bee want to win?
  7. How many episodes of 'The Andy Griffith Show' were Gomer and Goober in together?
  8. Who replaced Goober at Wally's gas station while he went on vacation?
  9. Who was Floyd's personal hero?
  10. What was the name of Otis Campbell's brother, who was also the town drunk?
  11. What was Aunt Bee's specialty when it comes to raising flowers?
  12. What was the name of Gomer's dog?
  13. What was the secret ingredient in Goober's tomato sauce?
  14. What musical instrument did Floyd play in the town band?
  15. When Otis was drunk in the cell with Jimmy the goat, who did Otis think Jimmy was?
  16. Aunt Bee was a receptionist for what type of business?
  17. Who claimed to be Opie Taylor Sr.?
  18. How much did Goober need for a down payment to buy the gas station?
  19. What was the original price of a haircut at Floyd's barbershop?
  20. What was the license plate number of Otis's car?
  21. In "Aunt Bee's Big Moment," what was Aunt Bee's big moment that she wanted to share with others?
  22. Who is Gomer Pyle's cousin?
  23. Who was Goober's doctor when he thought he had whiplash?
  24. In his early days what did Floyd practice his hair cutting skills on?
  25. How much did Otis sue the county for, after falling in the courthouse?

The Mayberry Trivia Challenge: How well do you know Andy Griffith Show characters?

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LanceMcCrickard 23 months ago
Easy peasy for an expert like me.

You got 25 out of 25

Raise your hand if you got 20 or more correct — you are a Mayberry master!
Wendy57 40 months ago
19 out of 25
Thought I’d do better than that since it’s my favorite show.
DarioWiter 46 months ago
Well, 11 out of 25 is not that great, but I think I did better than I thought.
MrBill 48 months ago
21/25; I tried this one a second time and did much better.
Olivia 48 months ago
22/25 Not Mayberry Mike level!
Wendy57 48 months ago
Floyd the barber was my favorite.
“Ah ...... Zippidy doo dah “ 🥳
Barry22 48 months ago
11/25, shame, shame, shame!
Katch 48 months ago
20 out of 25. I'm feeling VERY good about that!!
texasluva 48 months ago
Memorial Day Special
Men and women of the Armed Services we salute you. Freedom today because of these heroes that fought and died so that we could live the life of freedom. To be able to choose our likes and dislikes, religion or ones own thoughts without tyranny or persecution.



JuanitaB 48 months ago
I got 18. You have to be a trained noticer to get some of those.
JanFresh 48 months ago
I did terrible lol I got 8/25 and I've literally watched this show my entire life.😅
tom78 JanFresh 48 months ago
Don't feel bad, I got 7/25......!!
JanFresh JanFresh 48 months ago
Lol atleast we're not alone.
MsTerry 48 months ago
10 out of 25?! And I've seen every episode since I was a kid, I must not have been paying attention.
dodgebob 48 months ago
I wanna take it again but I don't remember how I guessed the first time. 13 0f 25, getting old and thinking in black and white = fog 💨 😷😷.
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