Try to complete these famous TV trios

Fill in the missing member of classic television triumvirates!

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  1. The Three Stooges include Moe, Curly & _______?
  2. The Brady boys include Greg, Peter & _______?
  3. The Brady girls are named Cindy, Jan & _______?
  4. The Chipmunks are known individually as Alvin, Simon & _______?
  5. The three Douglas sons of My Three Sons were Robbie, Chip & _______?
  6. The original three Angels of Charlie's Angels were named Sabrina, Jill & _______?
  7. The three roommates in Three's Company were Jack, Chrissy & _______?
  8. The three writers working together on the fictional Alan Brady Show in The Dick Van Dyke Show are Rob, Sally & _______?
  9. Children of the 1950s grew up watching Fran, Kukla & _______?
  10. The three Taylors living together on The Andy Griffith Show include Opie, Andy & _______?
  11. The three Robinson kids who get lost in Lost in Space are Will, Penny & _______?
  12. The three Cartwright boys on Bonanza are named Adam, Joe & _______?
  13. The three Mavericks on Maverick are named Bret, Bart & _______?
  14. The three main men helping to raise three Tanner girls on Full House included Jesse, Danny & _______?
  15. The three fellows living together in Wayne Manor on Batman (1966) include Bruce, Alfred & _______?

Try to complete these famous TV trios

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Rrene03 11 days ago
12 out of 15 .. those Westerns get me every time .
BruceMorgan 22 days ago
13 out of 15 I missed the two western shows I am not a big fan of westerns but the rest of the quiz was fun.
jpdirisio13 25 days ago
15/15 I never watched Full House but I "dumb luck" guessed it right anyway.
mdit21 1 month ago
Mary, Diana, and Florence. They were on many TV shows. (Happy birthday to Mary Wilson!)
jpdirisio13 mdit21 25 days ago
A "Supreme" post from mdit21
EllisClevenger 1 month ago
You got 15 out of 15
Nice trivia skills! You can always detect who is missing.
AlbertHanson 1 month ago
15/15. I guess I was watching too much TV when I was growing up.
bpacha77511 1 month ago
14/15 never watchef charlies angels
BrentwoodJon 1 month ago
9 of 15?
I got all the shows I watched right.
In the 70s I was busy working.
Lacey 1 month ago
13 out of 15.
Never watched Full House but I should have gotten # 5
Tarakian10 1 month ago
cubfan1953 Tarakian10 1 month ago
Eric Haas Cartwright
Lacey Tarakian10 1 month ago
No need to shout. That was Haas.
STTOS 1 month ago
You got 14 out of 15 - Nice trivia skills! You can always detect who is missing. Missed #14, never watched Full House so I had no clue. The rest were easy. I'll take it.
MrBill 1 month ago
15/15; I knew them all and got a perfect score.
Rich 1 month ago
Wait, weren't the 3 sons Robbie, chip, and Ernie? Who's mike?
MrBill Rich 1 month ago
Mike, Robby and Chip were the 3 original sons when the series started thru season 5. Mike got married and Tim Considine who played him left the series. Ernie was played by Stanley Livingston's (Chip) real life brother Barry. Ernie debuted in season 4 as Chip's new best friend and was later adopted by the Douglas family after Mike married and left.
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