We can guess your age based on your favorite road trip songs

Are you more “Life is a Highway” or “Old Town Road?”

One of the most important parts of any good road trip is the soundtrack. Whether your cruising through corn fields, winding through mountains or rolling through the city — the right songs can make the trip go from good to great.

Everyone has their own opinions about what makes the best road-trip music. Here are ten questions with many different songs to choose from. We think we can guess your age based on the tunes you select.

Get started below to see if we get it right!

  1. What’s your go-to song first thing out of the driveway?
  2. What song do you belt unapologetically at a stoplight?
  3. What song do you sing with a car full of friends?
  4. What song do you crank up by yourself?
  5. What song is great for driving through the city?
  6. What song is best for cruising down the open road?
  7. What song would you listen to driving back home?
  8. What do you listen to driving through the night?
  9. What song do you sing with your significant other in the passenger seat?
  10. What’s the best song for the quiet moments in the car?

We can guess your age based on your favorite road trip songs

Your Result...

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HopeDuchaine 7 hours ago
Wrong age. I am younger. I love all types of music from every era.
biscuits18521 1 day ago
lol they said I was 72 guess from my old fashioned answers (I guessed the Berlin Take My Breath Away song on one of the questions - don't know how they could think 72 with that lol). (I'm actually 58).
cynkgreen 6 days ago
It said 54, but I'm 64! Dunno what that means but I think I'm an eclectic who just takes each year's music & adds the ones Iike to my repertoire!
ajn 7 days ago
Said 72 - I'm 65 and the 60's did have the best music
biscuits18521 ajn 1 day ago
same here with their guess of my age lol
Karen 7 days ago
They said 72 and I'm 51! I've always liked songs from the 50s and 60s... :)
EmBee 8 days ago
They missed by 5. And how is Life in the Fast Lane not on there?
biscuits18521 EmBee 1 day ago
I know right? I like that Eagles song also!
BobInBG78 9 days ago
"Survey says" 72. Am only 60 but have listened to AM...later FM radio all my early days. It just occured to me that my first Rock concert back in 1977: opening act Sammy Hagar singing "I Cant Drive 55" then Golden Earring jamming on "Radar Love" Headliner was "The Motor City Madman" Ted Nugent! Ordering a hearing aid any time now!
Same re: their age guess; and similar regarding music history. In 1977 I "wanted to go" to a rock concert, but didn't bother asking my parents because deep down I surmized it would be out of the question (I was 15 at the time).
Moverfan 10 days ago
72? No, just turned 58, thank you very much!
Same here on both ages lol!
SashaPayneDiaz 10 days ago
Bohemian Rhapsody! Party on Wayne! Party on Garth! Excellent!
Flash4001 11 days ago
72??????? I am gonna be 56 in October. Songs I turn up on the open road are "EASTBOUND AND DOWN" & "FREE BIRD"
boogerdogger 11 days ago
Stupid. Wouldn't listen to any of that crap.
If you want road trip tunes, plug in Captain Beyond.
ToxicLover69 12 days ago
They said that I am 63 years old, Wrong, I'm 39 years old.
rockyo 12 days ago
and where is 'radar love'...the best driving song there is....
rockyo 12 days ago
not even close to my age...terrible choices....
Laurie 13 days ago
They say I am 45 I am 15
biscuits18521 Laurie 1 day ago
wow! What a difference.
Schrotty 13 days ago
They say I'm 58 years older than I am, but I say I listen to good music.
Diz 14 days ago
"I Get Around" by The Beach Boys would have been one of my choices.
Karen Diz 7 days ago
Sounds good!
biscuits18521 Diz 1 day ago
lol now it's playing in my head;)!
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