Which classic Western is Adam West in?

Before Batman, he was a go-to Western guest star.

Adam West debuted on television in a 1954 episode of the anthology series The Philco Television Playhouse. The episode happened to be called “The Joker” – ironic, considering West’s most famous role.

But before he played the Caped Crusader, West turned up in numerous Westerns. His good-looks and charm worked well for both heroic allies and treacherous villains. He played the real-life outlaw Doc Holliday in three different shows in 1959, two of which you’ll see below.

Try to guess which classic Westerns Adam West is in based on these images. Good luck!

  1. Which Western is this?
  2. What show is this fight in?
  3. That's Adam West on the right. Do you recognize this show?
  4. West was an Army Major in...
  5. Which Western is this?
  6. What show is West in here?
  7. West played Doc Holliday for the first time in...
  8. Then he played Holliday again in...
  9. Which West western is this?
  10. Which Sixties color Western is this?

Which classic Western is Adam West in?

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TheOnlyONE 9 months ago
10/10. He had the fastest Batarang in the west.
commodore1978 9 months ago
I've seen that BIG VALLEY episode with him in it. It's a bummer that Lee Majors didn't appear in it with him. That would have awesome! Who else agrees?
RichLorn 9 months ago
I've heard he had a very good sense of humor off camera. Seeing him in a cowboy hat proves it.
RussI 9 months ago
West was to suave to pull off the dirty cowboy look in #9
VanHalen 9 months ago
Photo # 9 -
He looks very 'girly-man' in the blouse.
daDoctah 9 months ago
The thing that always tickled me was how "Family Guy" made Adam West the mayor of Quahog. The character's name was Adam West, his voice was done by Adam West, he was drawn to resemble Adam West, but they never actually said that the mayor was supposed to be the actor who had played Batman on TV. They even had a couple of cutaway gags where West voiced Batman, but those were separate and apart from the mayor role.
Mark 9 months ago
#1,#2,#4, and #9 were easy. I suspect a high percentage of quiz takers got #5 right. (I didn't) The rest were just guesses. Lucky I got 7 right.
Wendy57 9 months ago
Adam West was a handsome guy, but who could forget those shoulders in #3 ? Holy guacamole Batman !
TlorDagama Wendy57 9 months ago
You mean Clint Walkers shoulders, West is on the right.
Wendy57 TlorDagama 9 months ago
Yes definitely.
oldmoe51 9 months ago
Quizzes like this are a little unfair I think just showing a screen shot without showing a main character or even something in the background showing a towns name or anything.
Mark 9 months ago
Never seen an METV quiz featuring so many shows that have never aired on METV. (Virginian, Lawman, Sugarfoot and Cheyenne though that show now airs on H & I.
oldmoe51 Mark 9 months ago
Most of them don’t air now but once did. I’ve never seen sugarfoot although he is a character on the show Cheyenne
richardkel Mark 9 months ago
I agree. I got 6/10 correct with a lot of guesses. Never watched Cheyenne or Sugarfoot. Never even heard of Laramie, Lawman, or Bronco. Some questions were easy because they included one of the main characters. Others didn't show enough background to indicate the show they came from.
LoveMETV22 richardkel 9 months ago
Neither agreeing or disagreeing, but the quiz was about classic westerns Adam "West" ( lol there's a little pun in his last name), was in, not what "MeTV" westerns did he appear in. I like when they do a quiz like this, as it challenges historical knowledge, (not bad every once in a while,) JMO.
Peter_Falk_Fan 9 months ago
9/10 I guessed on #7, #8, and #9, missing #8. I've only heard of "Laramie" on #8, so that was my guess. I liked him in "The Big Valley" episode (#4).
richardkel Peter_Falk_Fan 9 months ago
One of my favorite episodes too.
WilliamJorns 9 months ago
Holy hotfoot! I only got 4 right! But then, I hadn't seen too many of those Westerns before I saw Mr. West on "Batman."
ncadams27 9 months ago
Why is this under Stories? It’s a Quiz.
ncadams27 ncadams27 9 months ago
Just after posting this, I went back to the main menu and this is now under Quizzes. Did I see it wrong or was it moved?
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