Which decade do you miss the most?

Do you belong in the '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s or '90s?

Everyone gets nostalgic from time to time. But we all get nostalgic for different eras. It might not necessarily even be your childhood.

We've put together a series of questions to see which decade most appeals to your tastes. 

Find out where on the timeline you want to live!

  1. Which jeans look the most comfortable or best fit your style?
  2. What is your your favorite type of movie to watch?
  3. What is the best way to keep in touch with close friends?
  4. What do you wish they made more of on television these days?
  5. Who is your favorite member of the Beatles?
  6. You are in an amusement park arcade and have a dollar in quarters. What game do you play?
  7. You have the power to bring back one of these defunct chains. Which do you revive?
  8. What the most enjoyable word to describe something cool?
  9. Which character from Happy Days best matches your personality?

Which decade do you miss the most?

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rodee 21 hours ago
I feel a million years old.

The 50's, OMG
L 1 day ago
I miss the 60s. My problem is I wasn't born until August 1962 so I missed two and a half years right off the bat. Then I was too young to remember the next four years; I remember bits and pieces from 1966 but my memory really starts in 1967.

Overall, the time frame I wish I could live again is 1978-1985.
peterm 2 days ago
how did these questions even remotely decide what decade you love?
i wore straight leg jeans, i grew up in the '70sand '80s.
Voyage_Lover_32 6 days ago
60's... When the best shows where made.
lmahabhashyam 14 days ago
Surprise surprise I grew up and came of age in the 70s
BZCITY 14 days ago
Love this!

LitWiz BZCITY 12 days ago
Thanks for sharing the link! Very cool video. Makes you wonder how things got so screwed up....
David 14 days ago
These quizzes work on on piece of information basically - once you pick your jeans it has already decided for you . . .
jimmyvici 14 days ago
80’s. Yep. I am definitely an 80’s kid through and through.
David 14 days ago
No better decade than the 70s
BubbaPacha77511 15 days ago
80s....its a toss up between 80s and 90s.
ETristanBooth 15 days ago
I got the 60s, which is correct. But how does one's favorite Beatle figure into this? (Mine's George.)
David ETristanBooth 14 days ago
Because you have to take into consideration they had solo careers after their break up - Paul was the only true successful one after the fact - George marginally
GeoRubik 15 days ago
"Who is your favorite member of the Beatles?"
The Kinks.
GeoRubik GeoRubik 15 days ago
HannahViolin GeoRubik 15 days ago
Who are the kinks
Doom 16 days ago
I got the 70's and yeah, that's about right. I was born in '72 so I am fascinated with the 70's, mainly because I don't remember much about it except it being fun. A great variety of styles in music and TV shows, MARATHON Bars, everything was in Earth tones--clothing, glassware, appliances, wallpaper, etc. and a lifelong love of STAR WARS.
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