Who did it better: Gunsmoke or The Rifleman?

Both classic Westerns had outlaw doppelgangers, vengeful widows and amnesia episodes. Pick which show you like more!

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In terms of sheer longevity, no other Western can compete with Gunsmoke. It was one of the first cowboy shows on TV in the Fifties and was still airing episodes two decades later. 

But The Rifleman ran for five successful seasons and has remained popular to this day. The father-son relationship at the show’s core differentiates it from most other Westerns. Add an iconic, towering hero and plenty of action-packed storylines and you’ve got yourself a fantastic series.

Both Gunsmoke and The Rifleman have devoted fans, many of whom like both shows. We certainly do. But if you had to choose between the two, which would you go with?

We’ve put together similar episodes and characters from both classics. Pick which one you like best and see how popular your choices are!


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  1. Both Lucas and Matt suffered temporary amnesia. Which episode do you like more?
  2. Both also lost their eyesight, or at least most of it. Which show did it better?
  3. Which show had a better mustachioed outlaw doppelgänger?
  4. Which show had a better vengeful widow?
  5. Which show had a better sassy lady?
  6. Typhoid fever came to both shows. Which episode do you like more?
  7. North Fork's photographer was friendly while Dodge City's was the opposite. Which episode is better?
  8. A retired gunman wanted to settle down to a quiet life in both shows. Which episode do you like more?
  9. Both shows feature a stubborn patriarch who keeps a boy from going to school. Which episode do you like the best?

Who did it better: Gunsmoke or The Rifleman?

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darleneis 26 months ago
I so love this app. Thank you! It is so refreshing to escape this chaotic world awhile with MEtv.
leebillyold 27 months ago
[image=https://weigel-comments.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/LO57f-1647613560-FLAG EAGLE.jpg][image=https://weigel-comments.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/30V4L-1647613590-275430092_517900223348577_5683918471131011914_n.jpg]
Steffi 28 months ago
I love the Rifleman more than Gunsmoke. I so loved the relationship between father and son. Always teaching him right from wrong♥️
SalIanni 28 months ago
I like "Bonanza" better than both series!
OldHollywood 28 months ago
I'm glad for reruns of great tv classics!
Robertp 28 months ago
77%. I really enjoy both shows but I Love Gunsmoke.
ElvaMae 28 months ago
I don't remember Festus having a doppelganger but I do remember the Rifleman's. I need to find the one for Festus.
Arnold_Ziffel4_life 28 months ago
55% similar, I just love both shows, thank you MeTV!
Arnold I love your sunglasses. You look so dapper
eyegor 28 months ago
55% similar. Both shows are great!
PulsarStargrave 28 months ago
I wonder how many Gunsmoke writers also wrote for The Rifleman?
LoveMETV22 PulsarStargrave 28 months ago
" I wonder how many Gunsmoke writers also wrote for The Rifleman?"
You can find that info on IMDB, Full cast credits for both shows
Gunsmoke :
The Rifleman:
327053 28 months ago
55% ☹️
Coldnorth 327053 14 months ago
You gotta turn that frown upside down. Lol
AllisonWunderland 28 months ago
77% …at least those are two good numbers 💁‍♀️😉
ncadams27 28 months ago
Simple - all my answers were The Rifleman. Not a big fan of Gunsmoke.
Lol…just the opposite, although I didn’t watch much of either 😜
KingsKid 28 months ago
I Love both shows, but it's hard to choose which one.
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